Email Marketing and its Many Benefits

When it comes to email marketing, you need to prioritize bulk email verification to get the many benefits of your email marketing campaign. Verifying email ensure the deliver-ability of your marketing campaigns to ascertain that the address you are pitching is not fake, inactive or spam but rather, a real recipient who checks their emails and may likely patronize you and make referrals.

Bulk email verification, or as popularly called, email validation is a simple process that authenticates the quality of an email address by filtering the good from the bad in a pool of addresses.

Most companies use email list verify to determine if any of the email addresses in their database is valid and can receive emails without any deliverability issues. What this process does is to analyze any email address uploaded for verification.

When you can connect to real people, you are effortlessly increasing the reputation of your emails, which in turn have a considerable effect on email deliverability and return on investments. Do not attempt to send bulk emails without doing bulk email verification.

Types of Email List Cleaning Service


Well as the name suggests, this cleaning solution authenticates bulk email with zero tolerance to bounced email. Their accuracy is estimated to rank at 99.9 %. They are also known to offer lots of other API solution you need to ensure your email database is verified at all times. If you are after the accuracy of your emails, look no further.


This verification service helps to rid off spam emails. They are known to have a very user-friendly and easy to understand the system that even a newbie won't have trouble operating. Another good thing about MyEmailVerifier is that they offer up to 100 free credits to verify your email if you are not convinced.

How Does Bulk Email Verification Work?

Verifying your email list is a process that ensures the following procedures:
     Check for Syntax Error
     Remove inactive/expired email addresses, Disposable Email Address, etc.
     Check and remove spam traps and many more.
Upon completion of the verification process, the software will classify the list into different categories such as valid, invalid, inactive, spam…etc. You can now decide how best to deal with these verified email addresses. You can decide to quarantine, dismiss, or keep them for your marketing campaigns. You don’t have to send an email to have an email address validated.

Advantages of Bulk Email Verification

1.    Having your email list verified let you know the name, gender of most email addresses which could be used to target email marketing campaign to the demography of choice to promote your niche.
2.    Reduces bounce rate of your email: The most crucial aspect of bulk email verification is that it helps reduce bounce rate and provide you with only email addresses that may likely convert.
3.    Prevents deliverability problems: Sending emails should require a seemingly effort bulk email verification helps to avert and anticipate delivery issues even before they start.
4.    Increase your earning potentials: having you mail undelivered can hurt sales since most of your email doesn’t get to the targeted individuals, thus reducing sales.
5.    Enhance your sender spam score: The response of recipients of your emails matters to the server. If a lot of recipients informs the server that your email is spam and not trustworthy, the server, in turn, sees your sending address as spam destination thereby blacklisting your email pitches.
6.    Updated database: Bulk email verification is essential to the sales and marketing department of your organization. It saves time by filtering leads that will never translate to sales and provide an up to date list upon which your sales department can use to optimize sales and return on investment.
7.    Increase customer engagement: when you can filter out lousy email address from your pool of addresses, you will be left with valid and active email addresses hence, you can serve them in a manner in which they want it and improve on customer relationship.
Bulk email verification importance to modern-day business can not be overemphasized. From better customer engagement to a reduction in bounce and spam rates, fewer complaints to clean email list, marketers and sales team will value email validation processes to ensure that they have a clean email list to start or continue their marketing or sales campaigns.
Bulk email verification ensures that your targeted customer is reached, served and converts by exploiting the advantages of verifying your email list. Only then you can rest assured that every email sent is received by real humans, which enhances better campaigns that yield better results and conversion.


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