FitBark 2 Review – GPS & Activity Monitor Technology for DogsFitBark 2 Review – GPS & Activity Monitor Technology for Dogs

Famous for motivating dog owners to live a healthy and active life and to also ensure that their dogs stay healthy, FitBark 2 is an establishment and a canine monitor that was set up in 2013.

FitBark 2 might be famous as an establishment that helps dog owners, as well as their dogs, live healthy lifestyles. That, however, is not all it is about. Fit Bark 2 is an establishment that is famous for manufacturing software infrastructure. In addition to playing a role in making software infrastructure available to those that need them, Fit Bark 2 also produces collar sensors. These collar sensors make it easy for those that own dogs to monitor the health of their dogs. In addition to monitoring their dogs’ general health.
FitBark 2 Review

This device helps dog owners keep an eye on such things as caloric expenditure, sleep quality, behavioral patterns, etc.

Furthermore, this second edition device makes a research platform available. This research platform is used in the validation of fresh procedures, drugs, foods, and medical treatments.

In What Way Does FitBark 2 Function?
Fit Bark two is not the only establishment that does what it does. Due to this, you need to know exactly how it works if you must get the best out of it. While Fit Bark 2 can be used for several purposes, its major functions are keeping an eye on your pet’s activity levels.

When you depend on the details gotten from Fit Bark 2, you can always have a vivid understanding of what your pet's state of health, as well as behavior, is at a point in time.

Fit Bark 2 is not a platform that carries out its function manually. For it to work, you will need apps. If you make use of an Android device, you will need Android apps. On the other hand, if you make use of
an iPhone, then, an iOS app is what you need.

Now the fact that you need an app to make use of Fit Bark might be interpreted to mean you need to be a tech expert. If that is what you are thinking, you are wrong. You do not have to be a tech expert to make use of Fit Bark 2. So long you are familiar with using apps, you will be able to make use of this tool.

There are lots of things that have to be put in place before you begin making use of Fit Bark 2. The first of these things is to take out time and charge this device for about an hour and thirty minutes. As soon as you are done charging it, the next thing you need to do is to download the app. Once you download the app, you will come across certain instructions on its screen.

You can go on and create a profile for
yourself, as well as your dog when you follow these instructions.

Fit Bark 2 cannot be used in the absence of a mobile device. The implication of this is you will need to link it to your phone. This can be done with the use of Bluetooth 4.0.

When linking Fit Bark 2 to your phone with the use of Bluetooth 4.0, the distance between your phone and Fit Bark 2 should not exceed 9m.

How is FitBark 2 Designed?

Fit Bark 2 has the design of a dog bone. This is because it was made with dogs in mind. With Fit Bark 2, it is almost a case of one size fits all. Due to this, it can be used conveniently by different dog sizes and
different dog breeds.

In as much as Fit Bark 2 was built to be used by various dogs, always remember that this device can only be used by collars that are less than 30mm. Once a collar gets broader than 30mm, it can no longer be
used with Fit Bark 2.

When a device is designed for dogs, it has to be made with materials that are resistant to dog bites. The reason for this is dogs love biting and will not hesitate to bite anything in their path. Fit BARK 2 is built
with materials that can resist dog bites. Due to this, you do not have to worry about it being destroyed
by constant biting from your dog.

There are a number of materials used to make Fit Bark 2 to ensure that it does not get destroyed by constant biting from your dog. One of these materials is polycarbonate.

Although Fit Bark 2 is made from materials that are resistant to dog bites, when it is being bitten by a big dog, it might not last as long as you would expect.

What are the Features of Fit Bark 2

Fit Bark 2 comes with a number of features and a lot of these features are favorable. Below are some of the features that come with Fit Bark 2

Fit BARK 2 is Waterproof

Dogs are not sedentary animals. They move around a lot. Due to this, you might not always have your eyes on them. The fact that you do not have your eyes on your dog means you can’t always stop it from
going into certain environments. The implication of this is your dog might spend a lot of time playing in the water without you knowing.

To ensure that Fit Bark 2 does not get destroyed when your dog plays in the water, it was built with waterproof materials. When under 1m of water, Fit Bark 2 can function at its optimum for about one
hour. After this, it might stop performing at its optimum.

Fit Bark 2 is Shock Proof

Fit Bark 2 was built with materials that do not get easily damaged. One of the materials that it is made with is polycarbonate. Due to this, it can be bitten lots of times without getting damaged.
Although it is near impossible for this device to be destroyed by a small dog, larger dogs can actually damage it.


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