YouTube Advertising: A Complete Guide

 Did you know YouTube is the second most popular website in the world? The only website with more monthly visitors is Google itself (and if you didn't know, Google purchased YouTube back in the day).

That means Google owns the most amount of web traffic, and consequently, the most amount of web advertising in the world.

While Google ads remain one of the most prominent digital marketing avenues for businesses of any type, YouTube advertising is a strong contender as well.

No matter what industry you are in, your customers are on YouTube, and finding them is just a matter of putting puzzle pieces together.

So how does YouTube advertising work, and how can you get started today? Keep reading below to find out now. 

Benefits of YouTube Advertising

Because YouTube is owned by Google, the advertising infrastructure in the platform is second to none. If you spend time understanding how it works, you can really hone your targeting to ensure your ads are shown to your target audience.

There are also flexible budget options. For skippable ads, you're only charged if a user watches a certain amount of the video. So if they skip after five seconds, you aren't charged. 

But the best part of YouTube advertising is the ability to create meaningful video ads. Because users are on a video platform, they are more likely to watch a video ad. With video, you can really draw users in, share your message, and make an impact that sticks. 

Different Types of YouTube Digital Ads

YouTube ads come in numerous shapes and sizes. There are actually five different types of ads you can create on the platform.

The most popular are instream video ads. These are the video ads that play before a video or during a video. There are skippable ads that users can skip after five seconds.

There are non-skippable ads that users watch before getting to their chosen content. And they're bumper ads.

A YouTube bumper ad is a short six-second ad that plays before a video. And yes, bumper ads really work, as you often only need a few seconds to create a lasting impact. This post explains more about bumper ads. 

Discovery ads are separate videos that show up in search results. They are related to the query a user enters, and are designed to look semi-organic.

Lastly, there are nonvideo ads. These are typically banners that pop up on top of video content while a user is watching. Banners can also be displayed next to the video stream. 

Tips for YouTube Video Ads

When creating video ads on YouTube, your job is to make the content feel as native as possible. Nobody wants to see a TV commercial.

The best YouTube ads are videos that don't feel like ads. These are the ones people are likely to watch all the way through because the content feels human and engaging.

By working with a content creator that specializes in YouTube ads, you can craft a compelling video that gets seen and generates new customers for your business. 

Digital Marketing Done Right

YouTube advertising takes time to understand, just like any platform. But being the second most popular website in the world, it's one of the platforms that businesses should prioritize.

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