Types of Valves Used in Pharmaceutical Industry

 In the pharmaceutical industry, it's necessary to maintain a safe and clean working environment for the production of essential products. The proportional solenoid valves are renowned for their efficient performance, safety, and strong control over various variables. They are the ideal solutions for performing a broad spectrum of tasks in the manufacturing of medicines and other healthcare products. 

Valves Used in Pharmaceutical Industry

Here we have listed some types of flow control valves that are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry:

Diaphragm valve:

The flow control valves that are used widely in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products are the diaphragm valves. They are solely designed to meet the need of the pharmaceutical industry. A special medium is used for making this valve so that it can not contact the pipes outside of the gasket. In this way, a nice clean, and safe working environment can be formed.

Diaphragm valves are mostly considered because of the low price and simple installation process. These pneumatic pinch valves contain some advanced features that are good to manage the requirements of the biotech, food, beverages, pharmaceutical industry, etc. 

Butterfly Valves:

These are the kinds of proportional solenoid valves that are specifically designed to use for the production of essential and delicate items when utilized with the high efficient equipment. They are capable of allowing the flow of bulk material to pass through the pipes while maintaining a safe environment.

Choosing the right flow control solenoid valve for the right product is necessary to get the expected results without facing any problems.

These butterfly valves are necessary to be created with great care because they have to perform very important tasks in the production of pharmaceutical products. If the manufacturer will not create them with great care then they will malfunction while utilized in the system. 

Here we have lightened some issues that the user can face if the valve is not created accurately:


If low-quality material will be used in the creation of the proportional solenoid valve then the products that will be created through it may get contaminated.

Oxidation of Metals:

The use of inappropriate metal can become the reason for metal oxidation and it will fail to provide the desired results.

Check Valves:

These proportional solenoid valves are most commonly used in different industries including the pharmaceutical industry.

They have different applications as they are used to control the flow rate, pressure, and other essential factors that are necessary to remain under control for making a high-quality product. These proportional control valves are good to reduce the risk of backflow, cleanliness, and water hammer. 

Ball Valves:

A bore is done to install this valve inside the pipe. When the valve rotates at 90 degrees then the passage is opened and the maximum fluid passes through it.

If it will rotate in the opposite direction then it will block the passage and no fluid will flow through the pipe.

That’s why they are the most reliable valves to be used in the pharmaceutical industry for the production of medicines.  


Several types and sizes of proportional solenoid valves are available in the market to perform various tasks but the valves that are used in the pharmaceutical industry are created with great care. Above we have listed some of the most common and efficient flow control valves that are perfect for the pharmaceutical industry. 


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