Top 5 Virtual Dollar Cards For International Payments From Nigeria in 2024

 Purchases on international online platforms like Adobe Creative Cloud, Zoom, Microsoft Teams are complicated for residents of Nigeria. Similar issues also arise when paying for subscriptions to various services, such as Netflix and game platforms like Steam, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live.

One of the main problems is the restrictions imposed by banks, which set limits on international transactions and sometimes even block payments. Additionally, international payment systems may refuse to accept cards from Nigerian banks. Another challenge is the requirement for multi-step data verification for users from Nigeria on many international platforms.

However, there are solutions to these problems in the form of virtual dollar cards. Some of them even do not require passing the KYC procedure.

In this article, we present to you the Top 5 best virtual dollar cards. All financial transactions from Nigeria are possible with them! 

  1. PSTNET 

PSTNET is a financial platform offering virtual Visa/MasterCard cards for various purposes. They are utilized for media buying and online shopping.

Ultima is a 3D Secure virtual dollar card, it’s ideal for frequent purchases or payments. These cards are designed for transactions on platforms such as PayPal, Spotify, Netflix, Google Play, Apple App Store and many others, as they are issued by American banks. 

The cards can be topped up with cryptocurrencies like USDT TRC20, BTC (15+ coins), bank transfers via SWIFT or SEPA, or with another Visa/Mastercard card.


2% – the lowest commission for top-up

No limits for spending or top-up

Withdrawals in USDT are available 

No need for verification or document submission to obtain the first card

Registration in 1-2 minutes: use your Google, Telegram, Whatsapp, or Apple account

Special telegram bot and 24/7 customer support via any communication way

What's more, PSTNET offers a beneficial solution for large companies – digital White Label cards. These are cards that can be integrated into companies' products, becoming a unique payment solution for the brand.

  1. Barter Cards 

Barter Cards are dollar cards from Flutterwave company. They are designed for international transactions. To get a virtual card, residents of Nigeria need to download the app, undergo KYC, and verify their identity. However, after that, the card is available almost immediately.


Cards can be customized for specific payments or services

No limits on money transfers

Incoming money transfers from other countries are available

No limits on the quantity of cards

One card costs $1 

  1. ALAT Cards

The financial platform Wema Bank introduces digital ALAT Cards. It is designed for international purchases, transactions or payments for subscriptions and applications.

All deductions are made in NGN. However, virtual dollar cards are also available to users.

There is a system of limits on expenses, cash withdrawals and other operations.

For international transactions the ALAT card needs to be activated additionally to avoid payment processing issues.


Free registration

No complex data verification

Classic, Gold, and Platinum cards are available

4. Kuda Cards 

Kuda Cards are virtual Visa dollar cards by Kuda Technologies. They work in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. Kuda cards can be used to pay for services and applications such as Spotify, Netflix, Prime Video, Showmax, etc. Please note that there are limits on spending and deposits. Data verification is also required.


No card maintenance fee

Delivery of physical cards to home or office in Nigeria

Loan program

5. Chipper Cards

Chipper Cards are virtual Visa cards by the financial application Chipper Cash. It is used for financial transactions in Nigeria, other African countries, the United Kingdom and the United States. They were created for online shopping and payment for applications and digital services.

The service implies limits on spending and data verification.


0% commission for bill payments

2% cashback on Airtime 

Professional technical support

To sum up, all of these services offer unique advantages. However, it is important to consider personal preferences and financial capabilities when you choose a virtual dollar card. You can also read user reviews to form an objective opinion about financial services and make a right choice.


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