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How to Prevent Your Domain Name from Getting Hijacked by Fraudsters

 At first, when registering a domain name, we calculate the price it will be worth in the coming decade. And working on a website for ten years is strenuous, but the value of the domain name on this website can change a mindset and make a brother sell their loyalty to a potential bidder. 

Most often, the distant cry of people that lost their website access through a shady domain name registration, such as providing a wrong phone number and home address as their details which led to the hijacking of their name, may not be heard.  Taking a domain name registration process for a joke is when you choose to submit your brother's phone number and home address as the contact information of the domain or host.

domain name hyjacking

We are working strides ahead to bridge the gap of below kind of incident from happening.

“A man x registered and hosted a name of a company that has no affiliations to him, with his brother's contact details. One day, a stranger called the hosting company and complained that the owner of this name no longer works with their company, so they would want to take charge of the domain name.

So the customer care service scurried quickly and called the phone number associated with the domain name. And the owner of the number picked up the call and claimed ownership of the domain name; with no delay, he agreed to what the stranger said. Perhaps Mr. X is not yet aware of this terrible incident even though the host transferred the name to the stranger.”

So, the hosting company could barely do anything for his type of complaint other than recovering his hosting plan. He threatened to call ICANN. But, during this period of calls, he had no access to the domain name.

Story Insight

1.       To you, this is the funniest story you've read in a Webhosting blog

2.       Someone elsewhere would consider this story unreal or a family drama.

But the context of this article relied on this story to select nervous mistakes in registering a domain name. They are a few units of overlooks to learn from in this story.

·         To register a company's name is not a red flag if nothing is enforcing the name, like a trademark. The red flag in this story is the contact details of his brother, which he submitted during registration. The market is hot and, his Bro must have earned abundantly to betray his loyalty. Think of how tough it would have been if it was his friend's contacts.

·         Allowing a third-party user will terminate you from being the sole owner of your property. Make sure you are the only admin who gets notified about any activity that requires visiting your hosting account.

·         Registering a trademarked name is a red flag but, the man in this story trusts that the hosting company is the onus for this missed fortune. But it could be a trademarked name; the company is right by law to take the domain name. ICANN cannot help in this kind of circumstance.

Benefits of using your main Contact details

1.       Failed auto-renewal is mainly caused by having insufficient funds in your hosting balance. The hosting company must send a mail to you concerning this failed automated transaction. If you do not receive this mail, your domain name will be under the grace of the hosting company for some days before they take it down.

A lucky fellow will pluck the expired domain name up and register it again. At this moment, your precious name is gone because of a single nervous mistake.

2.       Activity Summary, on the other hand, is self-important to everybody that hosts websites on hosting platforms. Because a single activity on your profile must be emailed to you shortly as an alert to verify if you declared such action, ignore this at your peril!

The best solution for this kind of dispute

Perhaps, the recovery process of this name will undergo thick and thins of queries and questions from the internet lawyers that will handle such a dispute.

 However, the domain name is gone; and it is a problem that will be strenuous to resolve despite ICANN's authority.

But, ICANN's presence is needed to dissolve the dispute. And, the best means to settle this family drama is to send a well-detailed mail about the incident to ICANN, they will reply within a week.

Also, it is advisable to gather all the documents that prove that you are associated with the hijacked domain name. Documentation will hasten the recovery process of your domain name if it gets hijacked.

Moreover, the hosting company in question is not ours but, the hosting company is not the victim of this incident- the minor mistakes or the shady domain name registration contributed to this loss.

The summary

This case will not stand a chance if the name is trademarked. Else, they are multiple means of recovering the domain name, but it depends on the story attached to the incident.

According to ICANN, this kind of domain hijacking, done by jeopardizing the details used in registering the domain name, is among the two most difficult cases that can prolong the recovery of a domain name.

ICANN cares so much about how the hijacking took place, but any means it happened, they advise that you should first report the incident to your registrar before contacting ICANN.

However, they oblige that documentation is the perfect key to recovering a lost domain name. A victim should provide one document that will convince ICANN to believe that the name is their property. In addition, the company associated with the document must be present as well—if a law firm enforced the permit, their signature must be there.

Trywebber hosted by Webber James advises users to provide correct details when registering a domain name or paying for hosting services on Webber James nothing fails at our end when you abide by our terms and conditions. Our goal is to see that nothing hampers the security of your products on this platform.

Perhaps, if you encounter such a dispute before handing the case to ICANN, please come and talk to us first. We have a better solution to help you.

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Legacy System Modernization Approaches: Overhauling Outdated Software

 Change they say is inevitable and we can all agree that the rate at which technology is changing with each passing day is somewhat overwhelming. Nevertheless, for any organization that desires to remain relevant in business, keeping up with this fast technological advancement is a necessity.

Most organizations are not novices when it comes to using software technology to run their businesses. Click here to check out 21 free tools that you can use if you run a small business. The problem; however, is that a lot of these organizations still make use of legacy or outdated software.

Despite the disadvantages of such outdated software, many organizations find it hard to overhaul these programs for modern ones. If you find yourself or your business in this situation, you don’t have to feel sorry for yourself. All you need to do is learn what we will show you in this discussion.

legacy system modernization

We will show you some legacy system modernization approaches as well as the advantages you stand to gain when you update your organization’s software system.

What is Legacy System Modernization?

Legacy system modernization or application modernization refers to the practice whereby outdated software and programs are updated to modern programming languages and protocols. This practice is a necessity in the overall efforts of an organization to modernize all its digital operations.

Why your Business Needs Application Modernization

If your company still makes use of outdated software, you will lack the following:

i. Efficiency mechanisms

ii. Modern insights

iii. Usability advancements

In most cases, companies with outdated software are always behind other companies that make use of updated systems but still operate within the same industry.

Interestingly, legacy programs require frequent maintenance and upkeep which make them very expensive to take care of. Besides this, the professionals that are skilled and trained to maintain such systems are few nowadays. Hence, it could prove difficult to get someone to carry out maintenance and repair if need be.

Furthermore, these companies cannot make integrate and use newer programs in their business activities since they are stuck with an outdated system.

Benefits of Application Modernization

The following are a few benefits of switching from an outdated system:

1. The Business Gains a Competitive Edge

Business is all about competition with other companies within an industry. Hence, having the right tools can be of great advantage. Therefore, when you use an updated program, you gain an edge over those that don’t. While this isn’t all there is to it as far as staying ahead of the pack, it is still an advantage that is worthwhile.

2. Opens opportunities for Business Growth

No matter how much users of legacy software try to deny it, the truth is that such software has hampered the growth of their business in many ways they can’t even comprehend. Therefore, a company that switches to updated software can break such limitations and then enhance efficiency. This, in turn, will allow them to focus on further development rather than being occupied with processes in existence.

Legacy System Modernization Best Approaches

The following are the best approaches to application modernization according to several IT experts:

1. Encapsulation

This approach deals with integrating the outdated part into a new platform to enhance the UX. Visit to learn more about User Experience (UX).

2. Rearchitecting

This method changes and improves the code structure of the legacy software into a modern system structure.

3. Rebuilding

In this case, custom software is implemented to meet the specific demands and needs of a business.

4. Refactoring

The already existing code of the system is improved without making any changes to theexternal processes.

5. Rehosting

The existing program is moved to a novel virtual environment. A typical example of such a virtual environment is cloud infrastructure.

6. Replatforming

This involves the transition of the whole system including the data into a novel runtime platform.

Recommendations when Updating Legacy Systems

The following are recommendations you should consider when updating your company’s legacy systems:

1. Analyze the Existing Systems Critically

Before you begin to update your software, you need to assess the problems you have with the old systems. When you assess it critically, you will know which aspect of the system needs to be addressed.

2. Understand that Modernization is Continuous

There is no start or end date when it comes tolegacy system modernization approaches to enhance your business growth. Hence, you need to view the whole process as a continuous one that goes on as far as technology continues to change. Therefore, you shouldn’t consider one business model as the only solution.

3. Select a System that uses New Practices rather than just Latest Systems

When you update the system, your focus shouldn’t be on the systems that are recent. Instead, you should look for those systems that have sophisticated processes and tools that will enhance your business.

4. Partner with a Reputable Modernization Team

You need to partner with a team that will help you meet the needs of your business.


In this article, we have discussed the best legacy system modernization approaches that can be used to overhaul updated systems.

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Best Data Bundle Rates, Airtime, VTU, Cable TV and Electricity Bills

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Why Hootsuite Is Best As Social Media Management Tool In 2021

 Why is hootsuite the best you ask? There are quite a few reasons and it starts with... A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all’ - Michael Leboeuf

Customer satisfaction has been a business strategy for quite some time but if we think about it, this has come up as the most important strategy only in the recent years. With the advent of social media it is like a portal has opened for a two way communication.

Now you can hear feedback directly from the customers and work on evolving your business. However, with a new social media platform emerging everyday, it can be difficult to keep track.

Are you tired of remembering all the passwords too? Then Hootsuite will be the best place for you to grow your business. In this article I will be elaborating on why hootsuite is best as a social media management.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Hootsuite For Your Social Media Management

Hootsuite is that one solution to all your management problems. Whether you want to reply to your twitter threads or facebook tags, hootsuite will have the most simple yet innovative ways to get the work done for you.

Log In Just Once

If you are tired of opening tabs after tabs on your windows just so you can monitor the customer feedback and comments on your business page then this is the platform for you. No more remembering long passwords as under hootsuite, with one log in you can access





Aside from these main media forums you can also have access to Spotify, Google+, Wordpress Blogs, etc.

Data Is The Base Of Anything

The crucial part of any feedback is evaluation of data. If we don’t understand the positive and negative effects of our business through a clear set of numericals, no clear set of goals can be determined.

Many times we are asked this question, ‘Do social media managers use Hootsuite?’ then this is where we would like to tell you that hootsuite is the idle place for social media managers to go through all the data analytics.

Additionally, they are easy to read and help you to create strategies based on them.

Listen To You Social Media

One of the biggest reasons why hootsuite is best as a social media management tool is because it allows you to get updated with the trends of social media. Knowing just what your existing customer wants is not enough, you also have to attract new customers.

Alerting you with the new keyword launches and searches to help you create more awareness about your business is also an effective tool in hootsuite.

The application shortens your posts URL with Only and inserts small snippets of proximate and relevant texts from other sites in your social media message.

It Provides Assistance

‘Hootsuite is your partner on this journey.’ This is their motto.

By now you have probably understood that just posting on social media daily will not suffice for your business to grow. This is why hootsuite is best because it not only gives you the best social media tools to utilize but also helps you through the process of launching your first business.

There are social media marketing plans that you can pay for but on the website you can request a demo so that you get a chance to understand their work and then choose to invest your money.

With 18 million users, they are always testing and improving features which are all added in the demo version.

Scheduling Your Post

Social media is an amazing weapon when it comes to marketing and engaging your customers but at the same time if you bombard your customers with views it can irritate them. On the other hand you can miss out on views also.

It has to be scheduled in the correct timing to make sure that your customers aren’t getting too much of your advertisements and at the same time are not offline when you post. This is one of the reasons why hootsuite is good for facebook.

Facebook is the best place for viral marketing and you can time your posts with hootsuite to get the most traffic.

What Is The Purpose Of Hootsuite?

Hootsuite was created not just for the purpose of easing management of social media but also to know what other people are talking about your brand. Additionally, there will be a team to manage all your social media.

However, with all this access there is a fear of security but you don’t have to worry because sharing your credentials with everyone is not necessary. You can allot individual people for individual posts.

Hootsuite takes care of your security measures and there are strict policies for breaching any customer’s social media handle.

About Author:

Rogen Rosenberger is a professional content writer with years of experience in blogging. He graduated from Stanford University, California, and then started his career in blogging. He contributes to many authority blogs such as Blogsteller, Tour And Travel Blog. He also likes to write in many international magazines and journals.

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Advantages Of Having a Smartphone In 2021

 In this current world, we will hardly find someone who is not using a smartphone. Whether it is just for communication purposes or business purposes, we can not spend a single day without smartphones. And there are obviously a lot of reasons behind it. Smartphones have really changed our way of communication along with some other lifestyle changes as well.

young man and woman pressing smartphone

So, here we will talk about those reasons that have made it a must-have in 2021.

Advantages Of Having A Smartphone In 2021

Here are the top advantages of smartphones that you can not deny in 2021.

1. Easy Communication

Easy communication

Smartphones are not only easy to carry everywhere for the compact size and lightweight but also have made the way of communication much easier. Almost 60 to 70% of the work that we used to do on computers can now be done by using a smartphone. For example, emailing, video calling, video or image editing can be easily done just by using a smartphone.

Android smartphones also promote android app that have made the way of communication much easier. Various applications, like Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Google Duo, are also playing their part very well in making communication easier day by day.

2. Connect On Social Media

Today mobile phones have become smartphones because they have started doing smart tasks, and we are also using them in a smarter way. Engineers and developers are constantly working in order to come up with newer technologies day by day. And social media is the fruit of that. By using social media, we can connect with our relatives and friends across the whole world.

Social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter also allow us to make conversation via voice messages, text messages, and video calls with our connections. On social media, we also can share pictures and videos along with creating pages for our businesses.

3. Goods For Safety

With the constantly evolving world and technology, criminal activities are also happening to the next level. And here, smartphones are helping us to be safe upto a certain level. We are hearing of several criminal activities like theft, kidnapping, rape. Due to its easy communication feature, we easily can connect with our family, friends as well as the police. The navigation feature also allows us to know our location and share it with someone.

There are several location tracking applications that are also available. When in need, it can send an SOS message to our selected contacts and the nearest police station. So, by holding the hands of a smartphone, we can be safe wherever we will be.

4. Promote Business With Smartphones

promote business with smartphone

Promoting a business has also become much easier with the help of smartphones. Specifically, entrepreneurs are being benefited from various online resources as well as offline solutions that are really effective for growing their business using a smartphone. Here social media platforms are also playing huge roles.

Social media marketing has become a crucial marketing strategy that almost every major brand has implemented. These are the online resources that I was talking about. Now come to the offline options. In this 21st century, many brands also send text messages to their customers to promote their business, and they also put a link to their website or products at the end of the text message.

5. Help In Emergency Situation

An emergency situation can also be related to your safety concerns, which I have mentioned earlier. There are many instances as well. Suppose you are going to a new place and you do not know the path to get there. You can easily take the help of a navigation application on your smartphone.

And what will happen if your car gets stuck due to some mechanical fault, you can easily connect with a mechanic, and by sharing your location, the mechanical person will be able to reach you. You also can call your family and ask them to send another car or a mechanic to get you out of this situation.

6. A Convenient Money Transferring

Transferring money with smartphone

Smartphones have also made some banking work much easier. There are several money transferring applications available. By using them, we can easily send money just by knowing some basic details or the registered phone number of the person. You also can go out cashless only with your smartphone and can have your dinner, buy some essential pieces of stuff, and whatever you want.

All you need to do is scan a QR code and send money to the retailer. Most of the banks also offer smartphone applications. With the help of those apps, you can easily perform some banking-related tasks without visiting the bank even. You also can get several money investment ideas from it.

Read Also: Why Were Cornflakes Invented – Here Is the Answer

7. Make Money From Your Smartphones

Smartphones also offer you several opportunities to make money in the present world. You can start blogging though some find computers as an easier way to do that. A smartphone has all the features that you can use.

You can sell your photographs, make videos and post them on your Youtube channel as well. There are plenty of opportunities that you can use in order to make money. And for that, you just need to use it in a proper and wise way.


Smartphones have become more than just a phone. It has become an immense part of our life. Smartphones have made our life easier and safer upto a certain level. As they say, it has brought the world into our hands. We can perform various works with just a few taps. If you are using your smartphones in a proper and right way, they will offer you plenty of advantages. And standing in the 21st century, it has become a necessity to have a smartphone. Apart from the useful advantages, it affects your appearance as well.

Author Bio: -

Hanna Flores is a passionate blogger. She loves to share her thoughts, ideas, and experiences with the world through blogging. Hanna Flores is associated with News Profy, Plus Life Styles & Worthy To Share, World Tech24, Tech Mag News,Circle Box Blog, Simply Law Zone, Exclusive Rights.

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6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Business in Nigeria

 Generally, when you are starting a new thing, be it business, program, or schooling, the process is filled with enthusiasm and unexpected experiences that make you feel exhausted. It is very normal. And you should know how to cope with it. 

Starting a new business in Nigeria generally attracts a lot of mistakes. It seems so natural that many successful entrepreneurs have concluded that mistakes come with the business. You must have heard that popular expression, "let's go and make more mistakes." And as real as this statement is, some business mistakes can actually be avoided. And fortunately, that is the aim of this article, to walk you through 10 common business mistakes you should avoid when starting a business. 

6 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Starting a Business in Nigeria

common business mistakes

1. Lack of Adequate Market Research 

At times, the enthusiasm that comes with starting a new business makes many Nigerians ignore the aspect of carrying out adequate marketing research. They look at the market from their end and conclude it is easy. They refuse to check out their competitions and know what they are getting right or getting wrong. They don't define their targeted audience and figure out what strategy to try out. Rather they delve into it with the intention that they will figure it out as they progress. Would you mind avoiding this mistake in your chosen business? It will cost you more than you think.  

2. Ignoring the Planning Phase 

Many business owners make the mistake of jumping to business without making a business plan for their business. This often costs them many challenges just within the first or second months of starting the business. This should be. 

 Planning is an essential aspect of business you shouldn't take with levity. It decides how far you can go in your chosen industry. It helps you foresee what will work and what won't work. Please avoid this business mistake at every opportunity you get.   

3. Neglecting the Goldmine in Marketing 

A popular business quote says, "doing a business without advertising is like winking to a girl in the dark, you know what you are doing, but she doesn't." This is the case for many small business owners when starting their desired business. They refuse to give it adequate outreach, but instead, they depend on the company to market itself. It is a bad mistake, and you should ensure you avoid it. Check out the different kinds of marketing and know what works best for you. 

4. Planning Only for Success 

It is great if what drives you to business is the success story of other Nigerian businessmen. It is great. However, no matter how this drives you, always have it at the back of your mind that failure is possible. While this may sound like a bit of pessimist advice, the truth is, it is not. Knowing that there is a tendency that you will fail in your new business will help you to plan on how to mitigate this failure and create extra pathways to scribe your name on the wall of successful business owners in Nigeria. 

5.  Neglecting the Legal Aspect of Your Business 

Many Nigerian business owners, both small and big, even forget there is anything like litigation and in the safe hand of the law. All they want to do is commence their business and start winning. However, it can be detrimental at a time when legal documents start floating on their office table. To avoid this, consult your friends and family in the legal field and let them help you review if the legal threat that may come against your bossiness. This includes your copyrights, tax, trademark, etc.

6.  Doing Everything Alone

While I will heavily commend your entrepreneurs' skill for taking tapes to start your business, it is also important to make you understand that your business will lag if you plan to do it alone. I know you have the vibe to learn all skills and execute all aspects of the industry with your good brain. However, as humans, we all have some natural limitations where it will be best to consult other people's help and services. Would you mind not making the mistake of doing everything alone in your new business? Learn to outsource. 


The enthusiasm that comes with starting a new business, as good as it is, can make you ignore some important things you should consider. Fortunately for you, you have come across this excellent list of 6 common mistakes to avoid when starting a business in Nigeria. However, other than just reading this awesome piece, it is essential you put it into action. Bring yourself together and check if you have put this factor into consideration. If yes, congratulation. If no, please start work on it now. Shalom!


Taiwo Sotikare is an outstanding freelance copywriter and editor with over five years of experience. He has written hundreds of articles on Freelancing, Entrepreneurship, Career Development, and Writing Tips. He is a content creator at and

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How to Deal with The Problem of Overtrading in a Strategic Way

 Anyone can open a trading account and start taking the trades. Due to modern technology, people can easily take their trades and start their trading business without having much complexity. Getting access to the retail trading business is not the problem that traders face. Usually, retail traders fail to survive in the investment industry. Most people develop some bad habit and blow up their trading account within a short time. For instance, consider the problem of overtrading. Almost every novice trader faces such a problem in their life.

deal with the problem of overtrading

So, can we deal with the problem of overtrading and make our life better. Well, the answer greatly depends on skills and actions. Today, we are going to give you some amazing tips which will allow you to deal with the problem of overtrading and let you trade the market in a structured way.

Increase your account balance

Due to undercapitalization, many retail traders overtrade the market. The amount of profit that they make from each trade is not enough to support their family. Thus they are mentally forced to trade with high risk which increases the problem of overtrading. But if you start trading with decent capital, you no longer have to trade with a big lot to earn a sizeable profit from a single trade. But do not invest a big sum of money at the initial stage. You should prepare yourself first and back-test the trading strategy in the demo account. Only then you can succeed as a retail trader.

Lower down the leverage

Leverage plays a critical role in the problem of overtrading. Usually, retail traders have access to the high leverage trading account in Singapore. Thus they have the option to have multiple open positions in the market. But having multiple open positions increases the risk and creates the overtrading problem. That’s why smart traders always trade with the low leverage account. Though it will be a big challenge to deal with the low leverage account, it will allow you to focus on the quality trade signals. Soon you will become confident with your actions and thus you will be able to make better trades.

Select your asset carefully

Novice traders don’t have any asset selection process. In general, they take the trades in the market without doing the proper research. On the contrary, professional traders do in-depth research on the market and find the top-rated mutual funds. It helps them to reduce the risk exposure in the trading professional significantly. You don’t have to trade all day long or focus on the long list of assets. Instead, you should be focusing on the major asset as they give better signals. Though it will take some time once you learn to pick your trading instrument wisely, you should be able to make better decisions.

Trade in the higher time frame

Selecting the lower time frame is another key reason for developing the problem of overtrading. But if you chose to trade in a higher time frame, you are not going to face any problems. Professional traders often think that higher time frame trading is the best way to make a profit in the long run. If you want to survive in the trading business, you should have the patience to find reliable trade signals in a higher time frame. Slowly you can eliminate the problem of overtrading.

Avoid trading the news

Some people prefer to trade during the major news. They think it is the most effective way to make money in the trading industry. But the professional traders always discourage the rookie traders to trade the major news. Instead, they encourage them to master the news analysis process. Once you learn to deal with the news data, you should be able to take high-quality trades in a stable market condition. Thus you will no longer have the tendency to overtrade.