6 Things You Dont Know Your Android Phone Can Do

So many people have been using Android phone and they really don’t know what they can do with their device except they are enlightened about it. Even as I am typing this tutorial, someone was still asking me what is the essence of rooting your device?
If your Android phone is not rooted, you are one step behind.
The other day, I talked about how you can use your phone as a security camera and I am pretty sure a lot of us are rocking it already.

==>Connect Your Android To a USB Flash Drive

 Every Android phone has a USB port that you can use for charging or copying files to and from your PC. However, most Android users don’t know that, using a simple USB OTG (“on the go”) adapter cable, a free app and root-level access to the operating system, you can attach and   transfer files directly from a USB flash drive or hard drive.  Not only that, but you can also attach an SD Card reader and use that to grab photos from your camera and automatically upload them to the cloud. No PC required. Are you surprised?

==>Allow Remote Access from Your PC

With a remote access app installed, you can control your phone from a Web browser on your desktop. You can also use such as remote desktop apps such as 2X or Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop to control your PC from your phone.

==>Use a Flash Drive, Mouse and Keyboard

Your phone can not only interface with storage ports, but also interface with an external  mouse and keyboard with a simple OTG cable.  You can even use a flash drive on its own, your phone emits enough power to connect a typical wired or wireless 2.4-GHz mouse. However, if you want to connect a keyboard as well, it can simply be done.

==>Extend Your Battery Life via Undervolt

If you normally have battery problem and you have rooted your phone, you may be able to adjust its CPU frequency and voltage, a process known as undervolting. If this is successfully done, wow long lasting battery is what you will get.

==>Display a Start button and Taskbar

This is simply window 8 at your disposal. There are several apps that allow you to put the Start button and taskbar at the bottom of your screen, but our favorite is “Taskbar - Windows 8Style,” which actually provides a very Windows 7-like experience, complete with a real Start menu and buttons for each open task.

==>Convert Your Android Phone As A CCTV Security Camera

I don’t need to talk more about this, just read it here to learn how you can use your android phone as a security camera.

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