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Android operating system is arguably younger than Blackberry. Android was released 2007 while Blackberry devices has been in existence before then but android came into the mobile industry with full force and great marketing strategies and amazing specs.  Here are some pro and cons that you could find with android devices.

Wide range of hardware support and options
If we talk about the hardware, then android offers more flexible hardware supports. Android is found in wide range of smartphones coming from different manufacturers. Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Infinix, Tecno, Gionee, itel, injoor etc offers wide range of android smartphones, with different configurations. You are provided with a number of choices even by the same manufacturer, based on your budget, your feature preferences, and phone specifications. So, you are loaded with a lot of choice.
There are millions of android applications at the google playstore for android users to choose from and most of them are free of charge unlike in blackberry except the new blackberry devices that run on android operating system. In case of software also android has multiple advantages. Android allows to run multiple software applications at the same time. Another feature called ActiveSync allows you to sync all your data like your contacts, messages, mails etc with your computer, once you pair your device with a system. Blackberry also allows sync but you will have to install the software to avail that.
Open source nature

This feature which makes an android device looks different is its open source feature. This means all the programmers and developers from anywhere around the world could access its source code, from google. Google provide its source code as a Linux kernel distribution. That means a programmer could come up with his own version of the android or could develop and repair the previous version.
Application support and app market
Android provides with apps for almost anything you need. It has a well-built android market from where you could download your favorite app. There are a number of developers, who are working independently to develop apps for android market. So, thousands of apps are added every day.
Tweaking and pimpiing
Android devices, due to their open nature, can be tweaked to suit the user to the extent of changing the entire ROM that was pre-installed in the android phone.
Battery Life
Again, this is where android has the upper hand against blackberry devices. Most new android phones now comes with massive battery from 3,000mA to 6,000mA. This particular feature is very important for countries that have epileptic power supply.
Availability of poor quality apps
I noticed that some of the applications in the android google playstore are just experimental apps that does nothing. Google doesn’t screen any app that are added to the android market. This leads to inclusion of poor quality apps, i.e. useless apps. You can find most of the apps are compromised on the quality standard.
As I stated earlier, Android operating system is an open system that is not really secured like that of blackberry so its easy to be hacked by hackers
Changing versions
Typical life of an android phone is very low, Google is advancing in its OS with a high rate, and if you buy a phone now it is most likely that Google will come up with the next version of the android in just a couple of month.

Great browsing experience
Browsing with an android smartphone feels better than in blackberry. its fast, reliable and smooth
Data consumption
Android phones are unique for the way the gulp data and this is not a good feature for a common man that has no money for frequent high data subscriptions.
Last BULLET! You might BRICK your phone
Yes this is serious because once your android is bricked at the course of tweaking, it will render it useless unless you made CWM backup of your ROM and apps. So I advice you to make CWM backup of your android phone before you start tampering with the ROM.


Blackberry has been in the market for a long time. It has made itself popular among the corporate houses much more than the common people. But blackberry is also gearing up to counter its rival android. Though, recently blackberry CEO hinted about their plan to stop producing new blackberry phones because of the losses they are recording since android stormed the smartphone market
Hardware support
The black elegant QWERTY keyboard gives blackberry its distinct look. The QWERTY keypads are still considered to be the best for messaging and mailing. It allows you to type faster and quicker, with more accuracy. This QWERTY keypad is not found in any of the android devices, this gives blackberry a upper edge. The blackberry hardware is rugged and durable but still manages to give great looks.
Data compression and security
Most of the corporate houses chooses blackberry because of its feature of data encryption and compression. Blackberry provides the secure encryption for your data. The blackberry phones are also known for their data compression features. They can compress data up to half of the original size. That means you will have to spend less time on internet to send them.
Push mail feature
This is one of the best features offered with blackberry. The messages and the mails are displayed as soon as you receive them. The messages and mail boxes are updated automatically in matter of time. With the blackberry’s push mail, you can access you mail box in no time. The sending and receiving emails are also a matter of seconds
Low data consumption
Unlike android smartphones that consumes data a lot, blackberry data consumption is fairly ok.
Insufficient apps store and lack of apps
Following the lead of apple blackberry launched its own apps store under name BlackBerry App World with much excitement. But in reality the app world is far beyond even near its goal. The app world mainly lacks in the number of apps. The apps store doesn’t have proper apps and even it has not been able to attract developers. The poor interface is also disappointing.
Sluggish browsing experience
Among the contenders blackberry has the slowest response time when it comes to web browsing. Even with the high data compression facility the browsing experience is still sluggish. It takes a lot of time if it comes to loading of pictures or images.
Business oriented interface
The blackberry interface gives more of a corporate look than, a user friendly one. Blackberry in its lure of creating the better phone for the corporate market had surely overlooked that fact that a simple user will not want any of the corporate features in their phone. So, in all blackberry lacks in creating a device for average person.
Non tweakable/customizable
Blackerry devices are too secured that the user can't have access to do some customization to fit his or her liking like the way android users do. They are limited to what the manufacturers want them to do with the phone. that's bad.
Poor battery
Blackberry is the worst smartphone when it comes to good battery life. That's why you see most blackberry users putting their chargers in their pocket or bags anytime they are going out because their blackberry can't serve them for just a day. I was once a victim of
So guys which one is still better between Android and Blackberry devices?

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  1. To BlackBerry... If you can't beat them, you join them. That's all. Admit it, Android is the king of smartphones

  2. Android is far more better than blackberry in all ramifications