Top Secured And Trusted Online Stores To Do Your Shopping

Today's trend and the easiest way to shop now is online. Online shopping has grown faster than we could imagine. Throughout the continent, you can now buy your products at cheaper prices and also get it shipped to your doorstep.
That's awesome you could say... Fraudsters are also out there creating a false online shopping sites. Beware of scammers!!!
Today am going to share the best legit, tested and trusted sites you can do your online shopping with 98% security and quality delivery. 


1. Jumia

Jumia is among top largest and most secured online shopping store in Africa. They offer a lot of quality products from several brands and one of their biggest marketing strength is the option they give to buyers to either pay with credit cards or pay on delivery that is why many people patronize them especially those that are afraid of being scammed. Apart from Jumia's great marketing skills, their website is one of the best designed online shopping websites with nice navigation and user interface. Their products are arranged and categorized accordingly for easy location and identification. You can visit their official website here  

2. Konga

Konga is amazingly one of the fastest growing online shopping mall at the moment and surprisingly, it is a Nigerian owned shopping store competing with other international online store heavy weights like Amazon, Jumia, Aliexpress and the rest. Konga also offers the option for pay on delivery or with credit cards just like Jumia. Affiliate marketing is also welcomed by jumia as any interested individual, group or organization can have affiliates with them.
You can visit Konga and check out their outstanding products which ranges from electronics appliances, smartphones of all types, men's wears, women's wears, kitchen utensils, in fact, virtually everything. To visit Konga online shopping mall click here

3. Aliexpress/Alibaba

These are two Chinese online shopping malls that are regonized and proven to be 98% safe to do your shopping. Aliexpress utilizes the tested and trusted Escrow paying method fo maximum security of your bank details and your transactions. Their website is also one of the best designed online shopping websites with beautiful user interface and view of mouth-watering products that ranges from electronics to anything you can ever think of buying in a market. They do both free and paid shipping to any country. Free shipped products takes a little linger to get the customers's destination but paid shipping arrives as soon as possible depending on the customer's location. Means of payment is by credit cards and one interesting thing is that you can check the credibility of the seller in his or her profile using the ranking people placed on him. Any seller with 88% and above ranking should be safe to do business with. In addition, you can return the product you bought if it is not in good condition or if it is different from the one advertised before you placed your order on it and your money will be refunded.  


Amazon is not a new name when it comes to online shopping business as it is one of the oldest online store being founded in the year 1994 in the United Kingdom. It is however, the largest online store in the whole of UK and more than sixty other countries of the world.
Their products are also considerably cheap and you can use different modes of payment like PayPal, credit cards and so on for the ordering for products. They also ship their products to reach their customers in different parts of the world using DHL and other trusted shipping companies.

eBay Inc

As Amazon is from UK so is eBay from USA. These two online stores arguably set the pace for others like jumia, aliexpress, Konga and the rest. eBay has its headquarters in San Jose, California, USA. and it was founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar just a year after Amazon was founded and ever since then, the competition between this two giant online stores has been so tensed and helped in each others improvement in services. eBay is a multi-billion dollar business with operations spread all over forty countries of the world as at the time of publishing this article. eBay is really popular for their auction style of sales where you can buy virtually anything from their website which is Payment method is by PayPal and other services

And the last but not the list here is It is an online store that basically sell wears of different types and kinds. All types of women and men shirts, shoes, necklaces, watches in fact mention it. Anything wearable. I know most people are not quiet familiar with this online store but its one of the tested and trusted sites to do business with.

I hope right now you can make your choice on which online store to patronize in your next shopping. Enjoy. 

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  1. Awesome, always looking for new online shopping markets :D Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks for d info, tho still doubting d aliexpress oga wizzy , heard alot abt it dah is nah dah real, dey ship products wif different specification seen on there site , how true is dis Oga wizzy

    1. Hi JayJay, it is true but you have the option to return the product if its not in good condition or different from what you ordered.

      Aliexpress uses a transaction method that inclueds 3 parties, the seller of the product won't receive his or her money until the buyer gets the product and confirrmed its okay.

      Once you have confirmed that, then the third party transaction partner will now release the money to the seller so every seller at Aliexpress tries to deliver and also get a good rating from customers in other to gain good reputation in the site.

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    1. It is still working.
      Which vpn handler are u using and what is ur proxy server?

  4. Am using simple server and the proxy is

  5. Sir wizy which proxy server should i use for my mtn musicplus?
    My stop yesterday around 5pm

  6. Upon seeing the caption i was hoping to see my beloved AliExpress on the number 1 spot

  7. Upon seeing the caption i was hoping to see my beloved AliExpress on the number 1 spot

  8. Upon seeing the caption i was hoping to see my beloved AliExpress on the number 1 spot.

    My best on the list is AliExpress cos i have never had any issue with them ever since i started ordering things from there.

  9. Upon seeing the caption i was hoping to see my beloved AliExpress on the number 1 spot.

    My best on the list is AliExpress cos i have never had any issue with them ever since i started ordering things from there.