The Fastest Android Phone Browsers You Should Download

The data consumption rate of Android operating systems are massive. The decision of downloading and using any of the data saving web browsers is the right step for you to conserve your android data usage when browsing the internet.
Android operating system is designed in such a way that it sucks a lot of data and this is really not funny. The cost of internet data is high unless you stay where is there is free open wifi connection; apart from that, you are expected to spend some cash on internet data subscription from the internet providers like MTN, Etisalat, Glo and Airtel. However, you can still enjoy cheap and of course free data from this networks all you have to do is just check on the latest free browsing cheats on mtn, etisalat, airtel, and glo

Having said that, now lets go back to business. There are of course many web browsers in the android playstore and other mobile platforms app stores but very few is data managing friendly. So lets get the ball rolling.

1. Opera Mini 
Opera mini is one of the best web browsers any phone user should have installed in his device and the good news about it is that it is currently available in virtually all operating systems like blackberry, android, iOS, and even jarva phones. It is a free app in the app store and it can save up to 90% of data for free 

Features of  Opera Mini 
>>> Private browsing  or simply referred to as incognito browsing mode; this feature lets you manage your browsing so that the web browser won't save your browsing history.
>>> Simple browsing is made easier thanks to the new interface and navigation that latest version has
>>> The downloading experience in opera mini is fairly good as you can be browsing or doing other things with your phone as your downloads are going on in the background. Also you have the option to pause the download
>>>  Opera mini saves up to 90% of your data while browsing and another interesting thing about it is that you can monitor how your data is been consumed right there in the app
>>> The facebook notification future is arguably one interesting future in the latest version 
>>> You can save your favourite sites so that you can read them offline anytime.
>>> Syncing ability so that you can have access to your bookmarks, speed dials and opened tabs across all devices.
>>> Also you have the option of switching from one search engine to the other
>>> And the last but definitely not the least live news updates

2. UC Mini Browser 
UC mini is my best pick for the most efficient data conserving web browser. It offers great user interface and user experience  and like opera mini, it can save more than 90% data while using it to brows the internet. It is a light weight browser but with nice features.

Features of UC Mini Browser

>>> It is arguably the fastest web browser at the moment

>>> The downloading experience is second to non and with fantastic features like cloud download, background download, multiple downloads and ability to pulse and resume downloads
>>> The application itself is small in size so it won't be a concern for people that don't have enough data to download it
>>> Gesture command is added to control video progress and adjust volume
>>> Private browsing is enabled just like in the opera mini
>>> sometimes when we brows at night, we found out that the rays of light from the phone screen affects eyes as it appears as if the brightness was increased . But uc mini solved this by integrating an option for night mode browsing where the light will be darkened while still offering the user nice browsing experience.
>>> Live news updates on your app screen navigation.

3. Apus Browser

Many people don't know about this wonderful web browser and some have not even heard about it. Well, its not as popular as opera mini and uc min web browser but i found it worthy to be among the list after using it for a very long time. It is the best HTML enabled browser with great speed very small in size. Lets look at some of apus browser features

Features of Apus Browser
>>> This browser keeps and saves your previous search results pending the time you open the browser to brows with it: with this, it will be faster for you to get back last visited site easily
>>>  It supports voice search
>>> With one tap, you can create shortcuts for your favourite sites
>>>   You have the option to choose your favourite search engine
>>>  Quickly navigate around the tabs. thanks for the nice user interface
>>> Like in UC mini, the apus web browser has night mode feature
>>> It has download manager
>>> Ability to bookmark your favourite sites
>>> You can save more data by turning off image
>>> Speed mode enables you to speed up the loading
>>> to mention but a few

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  1. Nice title and straight to the point.

    I will go for uc browser as the best but now the story has changed.