NEWS FLASH: You Can Now "Undo" Your Mistakenly Sent Message In G-Mail

This is a great news and a welcome development for all Google Mail (G mail) users as you can now choose to undo a wrongly or mistakenly sent message in your G mail account. For me, this feature is great and wonderful.
I can remember sometimes i mistakenly hit the SEND button not knowing that my message has no subject....hahahaha. That is hilarious. But with this undo feature i can now undo the send message action i carried out within some seconds. Okay thing of it this way, do you know you can have many typographic error in your already sent messages? Before now, once you send it, it has been sent and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it so that's why i said its a very nice development from our ever improving Google team.  

This option was in beta for up to six. Now G-mail has rolled out a feature that lets you recall a message within 30 seconds of it being sent. G-mail originally launched the “Undo Send” feature in March 2009, but it was hidden as an experimental “Labs” feature (beta). This feature was in beta for six years.

According to the announcement by google, it says “Previously a popular feature in G-mail Labs, and recently added to Inbox by G-mail, today we’re adding ‘Undo Send’ as a formal setting in G-mail on the web.”  Inbox is an app for iOs and Android. It keeps all email well organanised  by highlighting important information and bundling similar messages.

Do you know that this option is also available in G-mail web version? Well, see how you can actually activate it.

  •  Click the gear icon at the top right.
  • Select settings
  • Under General Settings, Check the “Enable Undo Send” option.
  • Set the maximum window time allowed to recall email. Option is available up to 30 seconds of sending the G-mail message.

So now, for you to easily get back your message after you might have enabled the Undo Send feature, all you need to do is just click on the Undo Send text which you will found at the top of the web page once your email message is sent. Just look up and you will see the undo send option right there. Once thing you have to not here is that the allowed time for you to hit the undo send option after sending the message is just 30 seconds so you need to do it as fast as possible before it disappears. Another thing is that it might proof to hard for you to do this if you are in a place that has low internet connection.

But in all things, am still very glad because of this new feature as it can save me from some errors while sending a mail. Well, according to Mashable, this Undo Send feature is not yet available for the G-mail mobile application as at the time of publishing this post. Though, he hinted that it will be available very soon for G-mail mobile app users.

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  1. I never knew about this feature all this while

  2. ...... but i have been seeing the undo message after deleting a message