It Is Still Blazing: MTN Awuf N33,600 Airtime, MTN BBLited, Etisalat Chatpack. Check Them Out

Of course internet data subscription is too costly for the common man and students especially this time of economic meltdown worldwide. But you don't have to worry at all because here at WizyTechs we provide cheats that will enable you brows freely and cheaply
as the case may be.
So today we are going to break down and give you the steps to enjoy some data and airtime cheats that are blazing flawlessly at the moment. Let's go there!
MTN Free Awuf Call: This offer is for some selected sims especially new or virgin sims. To enjoy this great offer you need to be eligible and its mostly for customers that are in MTN True Talk plan so for you to be eligible, you need to migrate to MTN True Talk plan by dialing *567*1# or you call also dial this other USSD code *567*3# and N10 or N30 will be automatically deducted from your account depending on the particular USSD code you dialed. I noticed that sometimes one may not be eligible for the N10 code so what you have to do is to dial the other code i wrote and it's for N30. 

Sometimes it works for old sims because i have already done it on two different old sims but new virgin sims gives better results. This is one of the best offers at the moment and it lasts for seven days; that is one complete week.
Remember dial *567*1# and N10 will be deducted from your account or dial *567*3# and N30 will be deducted from your account. So the choice is definitely yours. Choose the one that works for you.

Etisalat ChatPack: This particular Etisalat chat pack is mainly for geeks that downloads heavily. It is the ideal cheat to use when you want to download large files like seasonal films, heavy softwares and so on. This cheat can be used with Psiphone or Simple Server (SS).
Follow below guides to setup and activate your Etisalat ChatPack both on phone and computers (PCs)

How to Surf With Etisalat Unlimitedly
You can either sub for daily (N50) or weekly (N150) or monthly (N200) and you surfing becomes endless
==>To sub for daily Dial *200*3*3*1*1# to subscribe and wait for chat pack welcome message
For PC Users and Android Users using Simple Server, follow the configuration below

For PC Users
» Download and extract SS for etisalat here to a new folder on your desktop background.

Connect Your Modem With:
» APN: etisalat

» Open the file you extracted, double-click "SimpleServer.exe"and make sure its always open.
» Configure your Browsers and IDM: Proxy Port 8080
» Remember to tick: Use this proxy server for all protocols
» Start surfing and downloading till mama call

For Android Users
» Download Android SimpleServer here.
» Install it on your Android Device

Create New APN settings On Your Phone As Follows:
» Proxy:
» Port: 8080
» APN: etisalat
» Save And Activate it as your default settings.

Open SimpleServer and Configure the Settings as follow:
» Proxy Host:
» Proxy Port: 8080
» Injection Method: GET
» Injection Querry/URL:
» Injection Host:
» Injection line: press your enter key 4 times
» Log Level:DEBUG
» Close the settings and hit the connect button, surf and keep downloading/streaming until you are tired. 
You can read more on how to use Etisalat ChatPack

MTN BBLited:  This is another latest cheat that is still blazing very hot on all devices including iOS, Android and other platforms as far as you use open VPN, Simple Server SS and Psiphone because it works much better with them.
 MTN BBLITED is a Blackberry 10 daily plan. It works just like the BBIMDID and you can use it on both Android and PC (laptops and desktops). Simple Server is now updated with the more stable  version 2.0.2 and you can use it to power your MTN BBLITE Cheat


Remember you must have at least a minimum of N70 airtime your Sim. In this case, we are talking about MTN.
1.  Now send an SMS with BBLITED to 21600

2,  You will receive activation message from MTN. So wait until you receive welcome message to MTN BBLITED.(it doesn't take much time to appear)

3.   Ignore the content of the message telling you that you have just 10MB

4.   Now connect your Simple Server App and open it with and this applies for both android and PC

5.   If you  are new to configuring simple server or you don't really know how to set it up check here

6. You will notice that when you are browsing, a message will come from MTN telling you that you have used up your BB10 data plan. Please kindly ignore that message also and continue what you are doing
This BB10 Lite plan works for both android devices and PC and its smooth, fast and blazing.

Send an SMS with BBLITEM to 21600 and it costs N1000

Send an SMS with BBLITEW to 21600 and it costs N350

That is it guys. Brows, download and enjoy unlimited internet access.

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  1. You just helped me root my phone.Please what is the next step in order to be able to use bblited? thanks

    1. Am glad you have successfully rooted your phone. welcome to tweaking world.

      Which particular BBLITED do you want to subscribe? Day, week or monthly?

    2. Then you have to download Android Simple Server. Click here to download simple server and set it up

  2. Sir you are doing a great work here. Am die hard fan and follower of WizyTechs Lodge. I benefit a lot from here. Also tenks for fixing the bug in commenting. Now I can comment and ask you questions. So happy.

    Pls Wizy what is the code to cancel Airtel BB plan?

  3. @Naija finest, I appreciate.
    As for your question on how to deactivate Airtel BB subscription, its simple. Just send "deactivate" to 440.
    Remember don't include the quotation marks

  4. Thanks but if i m not mistaken,tweaking is changing imei number right? Cant i do the bblite without changing imei?
    i think i will try the weekly as a test,though i currently have data subscription on my sim till 30th.

    1. Yes you don't need to tweak you imei to enjoy bblited data. The most important thing is the simple server and its configurations

  5. For those finding it difficult to download the latest Simple Android Server, get it here

  6. Oga Wizy its ur boy Slowman. Pls is the bblited for laptop still working?

  7. Please i just did this bblied subscription with simple android server last night.But today i realised on bbm,the display pictures of my contacts are not loading, and i realized i cnt browse anymore.But other things are working,pls how do i fix this?

    1. Though I have told you what to do when you called me and its working perfectly now for you but I still have to answer this question here because I know it will be of help to someone one dat.
      If after doing the MTN BBLITE and it didn't work for you or it powered some apps and leaving some. Just install AUTOPROXY from Google playstore and set the proxy address and proxy port the same as your simple server and connect. All your apps should start working perfectly.

  8. is it advisable to root my samsung galaxy s3 and with which app

  9. Hi Dipo, It is very necessary to root your Samsung Galaxy S3 if you want to get all the benefits that your Android device has to offer. See How to root Samsung Galaxy S3 and other Samsung devices easily

  10. I had flexed this back then but i had to travel to another town so as to get a good 3g reception

  11. There was this fateful day that i felled from a bike while going to a place with 3g reception