A Must Read! Some Features That Are Missing In Windows 10

It is no longer news that windows 10 is here with us with an awesome user interface and new features. However, Microsoft decided not to include some features we were accustomed to in previous windows. Some of those features are what am going to be writing on in this mini article.

(1) No DVD Support  Are you surprised? Well, likewise me. Windows 10 has no support for DVD according to Microsoft. ("Microsoft says that DVD support require separate playback software") Maybe this is because of the advancement in technology whereby almost all storage devices are not physical type anymore. Anyway, lets see how people get along with it. But remember you can always use separate software if you really want to make use of your DVD.

(2) Skype Integration  I noticed the Skype in Windows 10 has some issues or will i say drawbacks as it doesn't seem to communicate with the action center in the windows 10 notification panel unlike other messaging apps which are working perfectly. It is another drawback in windows 10 and i hope it is fixed soon maybe with a new update as it was the case of windows 8 and 8.1

(3) Male Voice Cortana  Windows 10 came with just a gender (male) voice cortana which is boring and won't give the users the free flexibility of changing to a female voice in cortana like in Apple devices. Most cortana  voices are programmed with female voice which is cool, Why change it completely without the option to switch to the usual female voice in windows 10? Well, that's question for the gods. lolz...

(4) The Ability To Tag and Color-Highlight Files  Mac Users have had the ability to add tags to locally stored files. And Apple users have had the ability to add color-coded categories to files since way back in the pre-large cat days. Windows 7 actually included a  file-tagging functionality but that ability appears to have vanished in windows 10 for some strange reasons.

One thing i like most about this windows 10 is the integration of both previous windows 7 and windows 8.1 user interface. What i actually mean here is the return of start menu as it was in windows 7 and also the retaining of tile style as we saw in windows 8 and 8.1. Its simply amazing.

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  1. Windows 10 has come to stay and we all must embrace it.