UNBRICK YOUR PHONE! How To Unbrick Android Phone. Simplified Step by Step Method

Phone Bricking is a situation where your phone automatically turns to an electronic "brick". A bricked phone is like a stone and won't do anything, it won't switch on and it won't perform any task so its as useless as a common stone no matter how much you bought it.

So many smartphone users have bricked their phones in one time or the other while trying to install custom ROMs, fonts, flashing, and rooting their phones among others.
The question now is, can a bricked phone be unbricked and brought to normal? The answer is YES but most people don't know how to go about it thats why am here today to give you the steps you can apply to unbrick your bricked devices. 

Easiest Procedures To Successfully Unbricking Your Phone
1. You will need an unbricked phone of the same brand and make as your bricked phone. It is very important and vital.

2. Boot the unbricked phone into recovery mode by holding volume up + power button while the phone is off

3. Now go to Backup and restore

4. Select Backup and then press yes to confirm it

5. The backup process will begin and after the Backup is complete, copy the backup file / folder from the SD card of the good phone to the SD card of the bricked phone. Note: maintain the file path in other not to mess things up

6. After that, boot the bricked phone into recovery mode. Remember to follow step 2 On how to boot into recovery mode

7. Go to backup and restore

8. This time around Select Restore

9. Now select the backup you just copied and click yes to confirm

10. Hurray!!! You have your bricked phone back to life again. Flex!!!

However, if the above method proves too difficult for you or if it didn't work for you, use the second method below

Second Method Of Unbricking Your PhonePhone

This method requires a personal computer but if you don't have one, you can always borow from your friends. Within 15 minutes you will be done unbricking your phone.
Now Follow These Steps:
1. Install jarva on your computer or download it

2. Insyall One Click Unbrick tool or download here! or here

3. You will need to extract the OneClick.jar file you downloaded 
because it is in zip file (Right click the file and select Extract)

4. After extracting it, you will see a folder that is named "OneClick"

5. Copy the file OneClick.jar (the one from which you extracted the folder) and paste it into “OneClick - heimdalloneclick - resources - HeimdallPackage“

6. Yeeeeessss! After this step, you should now run the file “oneclickloader” which is on same folder

7. You will notice a dialog that will pop up and installation will be completed and kindly grant it access if you are asked to do so

8. The software will automatically begin running and by this time your phone should be ready to be connected to your computer. Use an original USB cable to connect your phone.

9. Now the final step is to just click on “Unsoft Brick” to unbrick your phone.

That is it. And your phone should be back to normal. In case you have difficulties in carrying out this tutorial accurately yourself, use the comment box and tell me where you are not getting it right. I will put you through.

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  1. If there is any Android user who hasn't bricked his phone before or hasn't experienced a bootloop, then such a person is still a newbie

  2. Android bricking is just a normal thing to me

  3. If there is any Android user who hasn't bricked his phone before or hasn't experienced a bootloop, then such a person is still a newbie