WOW!!! Check Out This 2 in 1 Charger With Power Bank. Will You Rock It?

We are now used to seeing many technologies and new smart inventions daily, thanks to China and other technologically advanced countries of the world.
Most of us suffer from epileptic power supply and always look for slight importunity to plug our chargers in a power source to charge our phones where ever there is electricity but today, with this awesome charger with power bank inside, you can minimize your rush to go and plug your USB electronic devices to any power source. It charges android, Blackerry, iphones, windows phones, digital cameras, mp3 players, in fact any gadget that charges through USB port.

This is made possible because of the Power bank inside this smart USB charger. When charge your phones with it, it charges itself simultaneously thereby providing you extra energy or battery backup whenever electricity goes off. It has a 3,200mah battery inside. 
This 2 in 1 charger will be very useful for travelers, students, workers and those staying in a place with no constant electricity. The best part of it is that it is very portable and light in weight so you can just insert it in your pocket and go wherever you want to go (it is smartly insulated)

Specifications Of This Charger

1. USB Adapter Charger with Power Bank | 2-in-1 | 3200mAH .....the first of its kind

2. Offers fast, efficient charging; unlike many other power banks that takes forever to get fully charged, this two in one charger has a fast charging capability just like the infinix hot note Pro

3. High efficiency and low energy consumption; It is designed in such a way that it does not consume high power from your house thereby reducing the cost of electricity

4. Protective circuit to prevent overcharging; another nice technology implemented in this charger is the protective circuit which prevents overcharging. See how it works; whenever the inbuilt power bank gets fully charged, the smart circuitry will send signal to the charger to automatically quit receiving electrical power from the charger, by so doing, both your phone and the power bank are saved from overcharging. That's incredible. 

5. Pocket size, compact, lightweight, durable, easy to take anywhere; The charger as you can see from the pictures is very portable and would easily slide inside your pocket unlike some bulky power banks.

6. Simply plug it into a wall outlet and charge through a proper USB cable
7. To use it with any USB devices, simply connect a USB cable (not included) to your device and then to the charger module, easy to use

8. Compatible with most of the USB enabled devices; This charger can comfortably and accurately charge most gadgets that charges through USB ports. examples are mp3 players, iPods, almost all smartphones, palmtop dvd players, digital cameras to mention but a few. 

Where Can I Get it?
You can get it here if you wish to place your other

Price: N3,099.

Wow that is damn cheap!

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  2. If given to me free of charge then i will rock it.