Glo and Etisalat Fined N14.4Million By NCC For Failing To Deactivate Pre-registered Sim cards: More Sims Are Been Blocked.

Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) is the body that regulates the activities of telecommunication and network providers in Nigeria
In August 7, 2015 NCC gave all GSM operators in Nigeria a seven day ultimatum to deactivate all pre-registered SIM Cards and those that weren't registered completely.
This instruction was given just after a day that Nigeria recorded the highest number of internet users in the country which is about 88 million users.

The new Chief Executive of the Nigerian Communication Commission Prof. Umar Garba Danbatta is not smiling at all and he has sworn to bring transparency dignity in the Nigerian telecom industry.

Etisalat and Glo, having failed to deactivate unregistered SIM Cards (Subscribers Identity Module), or sort out unverified biometrics, has been fined N14.4 million and they were given timeframe for the payment which is September 7. This N14.4 million is going to be paid between the two telecom operators. Etisalat will pay N7 million while Glo will pay N7.4 million and failure to pay this fine before the stipulated deadline day which is September 7th will attract a daily fine of N100,000.

At the moment, many Etisalat and Glo sim cards are being deactivated and more are going to be deactivated.
Is your sim cards completely registered? Are you receiving messages from your network provider to go and register your SIM? Kindly check well before yours is blocked like others.


  1. No wonder two of my Etisalat sims got blocked 3days ago and I wen I called their customer care they told me to go and re register it.

  2. That is it... More Sims are labelled to be deactivated/blocked

  3. My SIMS were never affected. But lemme ask, where does this money go to?