How To Change Your Android Imei To BB Imei And Enjoy Glo BIS On It

Hello Geeks
It is Wisdom (WizyTechs) here looking at my laptop screen thinking on what to write, I just thought of teaching how to change android imei to blackberry imei though tweaking of android imei is not new anymore but I got to know that some doesn’t know how this is done
because some still ask me everytime on how they can tweak their android imei so they too can get free megabyte/Gigabyte for smartphones offers out there while some ask me how to tweak so that they can be using BB subscriptions on their android phones and so on like that.

Though I wonder why blackberry(BB) phones are highly favoured over Android phones in terms of data subscriptions in Nigeria though the network providers provided a reason why sometimes ago which wasn’t genuine to me at all and will never be, why would a BB user subscribe for 3GB monthly BIS for just 1k while an android user spend almost x3 of that for such data, that’s a trash.


There are several methods or means to change(tweak) your android imei to blackberry imei but we will be taking it one after the other,so in this post i will be teaching you how to change your android imei using your phone with the help of mobile MTK engineering tool and Terminal Emulator if you do not have a computer or PC and at the same using your computer or PC to change your android imei to that of blackberry imei.
1.  I got to know that some phones doesn’t require rooting before changing their imei but they are rare because vast majority of phones requires that, you can check How to root your phone here if you haven’t.
2.  Always backup your phone or files first before any tweaking involved, that is the best thing to do in case the unexpected happens. Check here to download Titanium Backup App


==> USING MTK MOBILE TOOL (phone method 1)


=> MTK Engineering tool
=> A rooted device (i advise you root first)

Just follow the simple instruction below:

1. The first thing is to download MTK Engineering tool here or from Google Playstore.

2. Install and launch the App

3. Click “MTK Settings

4. Slide to “Connectivity” tab => “CDS Information” => “Radio Information” => “Phone 1″ or  “Phone 2″. Phone 1 means sim 1 while Phone 2 means sim 2. So click on the sim you wish to change.

5. Click AT+

6. Tap the input box,a keyboard should pop out, type any letter and clear the letter you typed earlier, you should see something like this AT+EGMR=1,7″” which mean sim 1,  AT+EGMR=1,10″” which mean sim 2. Click the sim you wish to change the imei.

7. Clear the last inverted coma alone and input the blackberry imei you tweaked or maybe generated by you or someone else. Verify that the imei is 15 digits in number and typed back the inverted commas “.

8.  Click on the “SEND AT COMMAND

9. You should see something like this “AT Command is mSent” which shows that command is successful else start again from step 5.

9. Reboot your device and whaoo! You’ve changed your imei number.

10. Dial *#06# to confirmed your changed IMEI.

==> USING TERMINAL EMULATOR (phone method 2)

=>  Terminal Emulator
=>  A rooted device.
Do not forget to back up your phone too.


1.  Download and launch Terminal Emulator

2. Enter or type “SU” without quote and click ENTER key to request Superuser permission

3. Input in the command and press ENTER button

echo ‘AT+EGMR=1,7,”imei_no”>/dev/pttycmd1
echo AT+EGMR=1*7*IMEI_1 >/dev/pttycmd1

4. To change sim 2 imei, input this commands

echo ‘AT+EGMR=1,10,“imei_no”‘>/dev/pttycmd1
5. Reboot your device, if successful, your new imei will replace the old one. Whoo Whoo!

6. Dial *#06# to confirmed your changed IMEI.



Follow the Steps below Carefully
1.  Download Software here and extract the file to your desktop and run MTKDroidTools.exe as an Administrator

2.  Connect your phone using a good USB cable and make sure you have already rooted your phone and also make sure that you have installed your phone drivers too. Once you have done this, open the MTK Droid Tools which is going to detect your device information.

3.  Once it has detected your phone/device information you will notice your IMEI will show up but if not, that means there is an error but the software can help us with that.

4.  Click the ROOT button so that it will temporary have Root shell access on your phone in order for it to make the script work on the background. The colour will change from yellow to green. It will pop out a window to gain root shell access.

5. Once you have the root shell access click the IMEI/NVRAM button and a new window will come up.

6. Enter your 15 Digits Blackberry IMEI Number you generated or which you tweaked yourself and click on “Replace IMEI” button to replace the former imei.

7. When that is done, reboot your phone.

8. Dial *#06# to confirmed your changed IMEI.


2.  Do not copy someone else BB IMEI to avoid bricking your phone. Two separate phones can’t be using the same IMEI. If you see a BB imei you want to use, change the last 6 digits of that imei to your choice or simply generate full imei with IMEI Generator [APK Version]

3.  This post is not for BB imei changing alone, the same steps is taken if you wish to change your phone/device imei to a specify type of IMEI different from BB imei may be for smartphone offer too.

4.  There are several ways to root android devices, this tutorial above and tools work best for MediaTek phones or devices (MTK versions) though it worked great on other phones too but not all. Incase this didn’t work for you or you need advise or help or a tutorial on any issue bothering you, Please feel free to comment, am always there to help you out….OK

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