Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How To Fix Tweakware Proxy Socket Connection Failed Issue

UPDATE: Tweakware have started blazing again. Just choose Free server and connect!
Hi guys, i noticed that some of my readers are still having difficulties enjoying free and cheap browsing with their phones and PC which suppose not to be. Once you are an ardent follower of this site, you won't lack on any latest cheat available. Well, we have been rocking and blazing tweakware with etisalat chat pack, MTN BIS and Spectranet network but recently some people started experiencing constant disconnection while using tweakware that is the reason am sharing this trick on how to fix tweakware "proxy socket
connection failed" issue. I have devised a working way to make it more stable and standby so follow the below procedure carefully if yours is having disconnection issue.
 Note! this fix works for etisalat smart pack and Chat pack. If you want to apply it to MTN BIS, then you need to replace the proxy and host to that of MTN.

1. Run your tweakware app and locate the Option button at the top right corner and tap on it.

2. You will see Settings, select it and click Reset Setting and go up to Network Settings.

3. Tick the box beside “Connect Via HTTP Proxy” to enable proxy and configure as follows:

  •  Proxy Host: mobile.facebook.com
  •  Proxy Port: 8080
  •  Enable proxy Tweaks
  •  Click on Proxy Tweaks and Enable Reverse Proxy

 Go to Custom Headers and add: X-Online-Host: mobile.facebook.com bearing in mind that there is one space between the : and mobile just like it was in the wap.ferry.com which was the default)

4. Now go back to Server Settings and Change Port to 3128

1 Go to Network Settings and go down to Connection Settings and check the box beside “Enable Keepalive”.

FOR the “Keepalive Interval”, type in “5” and for the “Keepalive Timeout”, choose “5”.

4. Choose the country server instead of default server in the home page change it to “Netherland or Germany or Canada" and Click on CONNECTION.

5. After successful handshake and authentication, press the back button and it will connect automatically.

After successfully doing these settings, your tweakware should remain stable and you won't complain of disconnection issue again unless you have a very poor etisalat network in your area.

Update: Download latest version of Tweakware 0.7  this version has two free servers and supports Etisalat chat pack, social pack, MTN 2go IMEI cheat, MTN music plus cheat, soetranet and Mtn BIS.

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  1. Pls how do i apply dis to mtn, what is the proxy and host?

    1. Use Proxy host: Web.blackberry.com, Port..8080

      mtn2go still works.

  2. Please is the 2go tweakware cheat still working, is it dat stable compared to BIS.

  3. Please help me, i still have the socket connectionfailed problem. I dont knw if the cause is when i used a useless internet booster app, or when i root my android but i can no more use Tweakware, openvpn, psiphon. I can only browse without them.

  4. And my internet is still being throttled... Etisalat. mschew
    I dont pass 30kps.

  5. PLS how do I apply it for 2go mb cos it's always telling me that proxy connection failed and it even said I should update my account

  6. My Tweakware disconnects after handshake, authentication e.t.c instead of connecting it automatically disconnects, is there anyone experiencing same issue???

  7. tweakware is connectin but wont browse. pls help me/

  8. Same with me lawrence.it is s saying invalid accout or upgrade account.

  9. Its unfortunate Tweakware is now a paid app. the free period have passed and the developer requires users to register with #500 to continue using the app. You can checkout how to register for Tweakware vpn paid version

    Anyway, you can continue surfing free with Simple Android Server and Psiphon here

    1. how ho I use mtn 2go with tweakware, the setting posted work, am using bblite for now?

    2. We are glad tweakware is still blazing after 22 hours of outage.

      To use MTN 2go data with tweakware, replace mobile.facebook.com or http://blackberry.net as the case may be with http://2go.im

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  11. The site to download it, is showing error

    1. It is working perfectly. I just downloaded the latest version of Tweakware here without any hitch. Try it again bro

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    access Mp3lemon in UK

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  15. Hello everyone happy vals day, pls i need my tweakware to connect fine.even after following the procedure its still telling me ssl proxy connection failed.except wen i connect via wifi why is it so nd i have updated to v1.8.thanks

  16. Pls my tweakware is nt connecting even after following the procedure given except over wifi it keeps saying ssl proxy connection failed wen i use my mobile network and i have updated to v1.8 sumbody pls help me