Why You Should Use Facebook Lite App Instead of The Normal Heavy Facebook App

It is very frustrating and annoying to be waiting for minutes just for facebook app to load timeline updates or to view pictures. The worst case is when one is in a hurry to do another thing, and bad network keeps hanging the messages both sent and received messages.
The normal facebook app is very heavy and consumes too much data and phone memory  Most phones running on 512MB RAM and below cannot use facebook app smoothly and it drains battery and affects total performance of the phone. 

However, if you are trying to conserve internet data usage assuming you have limited data remaining in your phone, i will advice you to start using facebook lite app. The app size is not up to 1mb so it won't take much of your free memory space unlike the normal facebook app that is about 20MB in size. Facebook lite is very fast and its best choice for people staying where there is no strong internet network or no 3g network at all. It was built to compress the facebook data to its minimum while retaining most of the feactures of facebook. with facebook lite, you can chat, upload pictures, update your profile, write new updates, tag and untag friends, create facebook pages and groups, use facebook apps and many more exciting things that facebook has to offer.

Why You Should Consider Using Facebook Lite

1. Facebook Lite uses much less data unlike the normal Facebook app which requires huge data to run smoothly. If you have no access to enough data, then the Facebook Lite app is for you
2. Facebook Lite supports notification. Some peeps argued that it does not support notification that is because their notification feature is not turned ON. Once it is switched ON, you can get all the Facebook notification features.
3. Facebook Lite is supported on all Android devices so you don't have to worry weather your smartphone will be supported. Just go on and install
4. The Facebook messenger and chat platform is smartly integrated on this Lite app so that you can still message and chat with friends on Facebook.
5. The Facebook Lite app installs very quickly; the file size is less than 1mb so it saves disk space and internet data when downloading or installing it.
6. Facebook Lite app works very well on 2G network and areas that don't have a very good network coverage. This particular feature is very important for people that has been denied access to what is happening on Facebook just because of bad network connection.
7. There is also live feed updates from friends, pages and groups on facebookfacebook, comment on them, like, tag, share and do other things
8. There is an option in the app to tweak or select the picture quality you want to be loaded on the main feed menu. With that, you can conserve even more data by selecting the lowest picture quality option.
9. And the last but definitely not the least on my list is the flawless upload of pictures and ability to tag your friends on them.

To download facebook lite click here

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  1. Facebook Lite membantu Anda terhubung dengan teman-teman di seluruh dunia secara gratis
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  2. Thanks bro. I'm currently flexing this lite app

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  4. This simple app lacks animations, heavy graphics, and fancy stuff present in the standard

  5. This simple app lacks animations, heavy graphics, and fancy stuff present in the standard
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  6. Here, we compare Facebook and Facebook Lite apps. ... In this post, we will compare the Facebook app and its Lite version. ... This simple app lacks animations, heavy graphics, and fancy stuff present in the standard app. ... The emojis are shown as normal emoticons made of punctuation and characters.

  7. Facebook Lite uses far lesser data compared to the main Facebook app. The Lite version is a great alternative if you are worried about your data cap ... Consume low amount of battery, Videos will not play on the Facebook Lite app. ... Compare that to the amount of space regular Facebook takes up, which is 195MB.check it at https://megalithstore.com/

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  9. This simple app lacks animations, heavy graphics, and fancy stuff present in the standard

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