Latest iOS 9 Features, How To Update and Supported Devices

Good news to all iOS (Apple) users around the world. Apple released a new operating system, the iOS 9 yesterday and its available for almost all iOS devices meaning you don't necessarily need an iPhone 6 before you can use the iOS 9
This latest iOS version is packed with some interesting features that will bring more out of your phone even more like the improved battery management
feature, unknown caller suggestion and more. Just seat back and see other features included and how you can upgrade to this iOS 9

Top 5 Features Of iOS 9

1. Unknown caller suggestions
In iOS 9, your iPhone now has the ability to suggest callers you don’t have in your contacts.

2The Siri feature
Siri also got some improvement and additions as it can now surgest what you might want like anything from applications that you might want to run, friends, colleagues, family or any person you might want to talk to and the places you might want to visit

3. Battery life
In iOS 9, Apple included a low power battery saving mode to  get some extra battery juice for your device. This is made possible by including the battery saving technology used by Android OS like screen light dimming and limitation of running background apps. There are more improvements in these battery saving aspects.

4. Photo Hiding
There is a photo hiding feature in this latest iOS 9. You can simply hide any photo or selfie you took so that people won't no other person that handles your phone will see them.
To hide your photo, open your camera roll, tap Select and choose all the images you wish to hide. Then tap the share button in the bottom-left corner and choose Hide.

There is a new feature in this version called "Trigger" this feature predicts the app you want to use or run.

How To Update Your Device To iOS 9?
In your iOS device
* Launch Settings
* Tap On General
* Tap on Software update,
wait a while and you should get the iOS 9 software update available.
Another way you can update your iPhone or iPad is by connecting it your PC update it through iTunes.

Depending on your iOS device, the normal size of the iOS 9 is 1.8GB
Feel free to ask questions if you don't understand or if you are having difficulties updating your iPhone or iPad.

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  1. Looking forward to using an IOS device soon but I'm not their fans