Android Problem See How To Fix It

If you are a staunch Android user, you would have experienced this frustrating issue "" unfortunately Android have stopped. If you have been facing this problem and have tried many methods to fix it but non worked, be happy as the solution to your Android problem is here waiting for you to implement it on your phone and solve the issue once and for all. Now follow the below steps to do it on your phone.

1. Root your Android with kingsroot or any safe
method of your choice. if your phone is rooted
already ignore this step.

2. Download Es file explorer and enable the root
function in the menu.

3.Open up menu> tools >device > app >system.

4. When you open system you will see many
system files and apps that can never be deleted
without root access but since we have root access and it is also
enabled in the Es explorer app no problem.

5. Search for battery control and back up tool mark
both of them and delete.
you're good to go that's all.

If you have any problems with rooting. you can
immediately unroot your phone with kinguser
Is it difficult? It is definitely not as difficult as you think. Anyway feel free to ask questions.


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