How Wireless Headphone Caught Fire on Woman's Head While Inside Plane

Not only phones but a headphone can explode while on your head or ear. A Lithium-ion powered headphone has just exploded on the head of a lady on a plane.

According to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, an airplane passenger from Beijing to Melbourne suffered burns to her face and hand when her headphones’ batteries exploded after overheating. According to the woman, she was listening to music on her headphones and fell asleep after about 2hrs into the flight but she quickly woke up when the headphone's battery exploded.

Want to know the battery? Well, it's a Lithium-ion battery, which many android phones uses. It's the same batteries that caused a lot of havoc in 2016.

Meanwhile, ATSB didn't specify which brand of headphone was involved but cautioned plane passengers who carry gadgets powered by lithium-ion batteries to be extra careful.

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