Is Your Android Showing Data Usage Limit Warning? Solve It Here ASAP

We all know that whenever you exceed or reach a certain data usage level on your Android phone, you will get a warning notification signaling that you have exceeded the data limit and therefore your internet connection won't work again. To some people, it is a common experience... I mean people that uses unlimited free browsing. If you are a constant reader of this blog, you should be among those that brows free and cheaply with their phones without paying too much for unlimited data.
So, for this kind of people, they can use up to 40GB a day as long as there is strong network. At a stage, you will notice this data usage warning and the connection will stop unless you reset it. For older version of Android, it is somehow easy to fix it by just going to your phone settings and taping on data usage; then, untick "set data limit" But for those using newer Android versions like Android one, follow the below steps to fix this data usage warning

1. Tap on your notification bar and it drag down.
2. Tap on the message "Data usage warning"
3. Select "Set mobile data limit"
4. On the graph there are two horizontal lines one red "limit" and the other orange "warning",  lift the limit line to the maximum of 100GB and also left the warning line to the same point.
5. Tap "Set mobile data limit" and return to your home screen.

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  1. Nice trick but i have not used over 50gb in a month before

  2. Nice trick but i have not used over 50gb in a month before