Read This If Your Android Phone Internal Memory Is Always Too Low; Fix It Now

Android running out of memory is what many Smartphone users experience with their phone on daily basis and its not cool at all to notice that whenever you want to receive a or music from another person's phone or download it online, your phone will just not accept it because of low internal memory. Sometimes you might have enough free memory on the phone and yet it still signals low memory. Don't worry, the low memory problem is over with this new trick I will show you
which requires no root access or installing any additional application on your phone. This means whether your phone is rooted or not, you can easily carry out this simple trick to FREE up memory on your phone.
Freeing up phone memory will not only give you space to download new apps or documents but also it makes your phone faster and smooth to operate.
So give it a try.

Procedures To Free Up Space On Your Phone
1. Dial *#9900# - This will bring up the following screen - Sysdump

2. Hit the 'Delete dumpstate/logcat' button. Hit OK on the confirmation dialog.
3. Scroll to the end of the screen and hit 'Exit'

Yea! You have just released your phone from low memory bondage and you won't experience that kind of lagging you have been noticing since your phone started showing loe memory.

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  1. see this code no work for my friend phone
    it did not work nofin happened after typing

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  3. I have tried the code but it's not working for me