Download Christ Embassy Kingschat App That Lets You Make Free Calls

Do you know that one of the biggest churches in Africa, Christ Embassy have developed an app that lets users to make free calls and chat across all users. Kingschat app is synonymous to Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter because it combines status updates, single chat, group chat and above all, tagging. If you are a member to of Christ Embassy and not using this app on your phone, my dear you are missing a lot though it is not limited to only Christ Embassy members as non members are free to download and use the app free of charge.

At the moment, kingschat app is only available on Android and iOS platforms so the blackberry and windows users should wait as their own version of this important app is not yet available.

How To Download Kingschat App
Download Kingschat apk App here
Download Kingschat app for iOS

This app is great and keeps you in touch and closer to God Almighty while using the social media also


  1. As at the time this app was published online,i thought that all the members of the said church would download and use it but after a while nothing was heard about it.

  2. I have been trying to download, but it's not working