Two Basic Specs You Should Check Before Buying A Smartphone

Most people just go to online stores or physical stores and buy any phone they like especially flashy and nice looking ones without even checking specs and configuration of the phone and latter, they will start complaining about low phone memory, sluggishness, phone hanging, battery issue and many more complains. The problem could have been avoided right there in the shop that you bought the smartphone but most of us get carried away by the phones outward appearance and sometimes, names; thats why i came up with this two basic and important spec you should consider before buying any android device.

Random Access Memory, it is a common term but many do not really understand its concept. Even for old model type of phones such as those that ran on the Symbian OS, RAM is a thing of essential value as it has its crucial use in a phone mostly Androids for which it is indispensable for the now and can't be overlooked.

I'm not about to hit you with geeky terms that will only confuse your understanding about RAM already, but let's put it this way: LOW RAM, SLOW MOVEMENTS.

When that Android you intend to buy comes with attractive features but has has low ram, those features are as useless as 10kb of internet surfing data is to instagram. RAM is temporary memory to which every app on your phone has access, they don't get to reside there or save their data there permanently but they can come have a stay there from time to time. Let's make out some instance. If you're editing a picture on your phone or you are making a video or an audio record, you are creating some data which is being handled by an app, however the app needs a something to lean on to run effectively and that's where our dear RAM comes in, it will take up the responsibility of that for the app until the app is through with the process and saves the data generated on the phone' ROM or Micro Storage Disk and closes. So

So the more the data being handled by the app the more the RAM needed, Get it? So RAM which helps the phone's movement has to come in a considerably okay quantity else movement gets hiccups easily 'cos if you buy that 'lovely' phone with like 512MB RAM, let me put it to you that once you open up to like 3 apps with even moderate size and they get to work, you'll start getting slow response from the device in no time, if you've been wondering why that techno M3 of yours or that Alcatel One touch you own runs only a bit faster than tortoise, I believe now you know. With low ram even if that your phone was to come with Android 6.0 marshmallow, 5.5" screen, and it has 256 0r 512 MB RAM, you'll eventually hate it. It will limit your multitasking options unbearably, and you might be wondering how can 3 quite mid sized app just eat up a whole 512MB RAM, answer is: If the phone is said to come with that RAM size you'll probably have only 256-340 at your disposal as the rest will be taking toll of by system apps, those apps that aren't for your use but needed to keep the phone's system running. The least RAM size I'd advice you go for is 1GB, when system apps are done taking their share, you'd be having nothing less than about 700MB at your disposal and that's pretty okay for multitasking though not GREAT.
Not too clear? Read this

The second thing one should not miss looking out for is the Version of Android OS the phone runs on. I'm not going to be writing much like I did on RAM on this.

Operating System
Just like iPhones have their iOS which they run on so has Android phones. Version upgrades keep coming, and the old one is never better than the new one, they do make sure of that. Below is the list of android versions that has come into existence since they started getting confectionery codenames;

Donut (1.6)
Eclair (2.0–2.1)
Froyo (2.2–2.2.3)
Gingerbread (2.3–2.3.7)
Honeycomb (3.0–3.2.6) [a]
Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0–4.0.4)
Jelly Bean (4.1–4.3.1)
KitKat (4.4–4.4.4, 4.4W–4.4W.2)
Lollipop (5.0–5.1.1)
Marshmallow (6.0)

The reason why I brought you the list is for you to take a very good look at the strata, if you go for Ice Cream Sandwich don't expect to enjoy all those features you've seen that attracted you to the Android brand. The least Version I'd advice you to go for is KitKat, when a new version comes it comes with cool features and will be able to run the latest apps, most apps that will be built from then hence forth will be compatible only with the latest version and maybe the immediately preceding one so Android version is very important.

Bonus: Battery. For me it is the first spec I check when purchasing a phone because without strong battery, other specs doesn't count.
Now I hope you won't make mistakes or be deceived whenever you want to buy a phone.


  1. In my own case, i usually look at out for the following

    ✔ RAM

    ✔ ROM

    ✔ Battery capacity

    ✔ Android OS

    ✔ SIM type and slot for SD card