Exposed Installer Availability On Android 6 Marshmallow

According to rovo89 from android xda forum, xposed installer for Android 6 Marshmallow is coming very soon! It is already working on  Nexus and should be available this week.
Nexus 9 is booting and running with Xposed enabled. The root cause of a couple of crashes which unfortunately needed much time for analysis (with the outcome that three additional lines fix it) have been fixed. There are a few more things that needs to be tested, but I think you can expect a first version later this week. It should be stable enough for daily use, even though not all modules will work out of the box due to the usual amount of changes in AOSP.

So all the geeks rocking Android marshmallow operating system should try using exposed installer for more tweaking and pimping of your device.

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  1. The last time i used xposed installer was when i was running Android 4.4.2 in my phone.