Facebook To Conduct Training For 109 Nigerian Senators

About 109 Nigerian senators are set to undergo training on how to efficiently use Facebook apps in communication as their position requires public service.
According to daily trust all 109 senators and their aides are to undergo training in how to use Facebook and other social media.
The training is to help them communicate effectively on issues of public policy and good governance.

In a statement, Senator Isa Galaudu , chief of staff to Senate President Bukola Saraki, said the training is in line with Saraki’s promise to bring about a more representative legislature through use of technology and tools for an electronic parliament.
The training has been fixed for next week, and is to be conducted by Facebook Africa’s head of policy.
The Facebook team is billed to arrive Nigeria on Sunday.
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  1. Great move because majority of our senators don't really know how to use Facebook and other social media platforms effectively for good governance

  2. Hmmmmmmm

    Nice move because they really need to be educated on how to use Facebook