How To Get Free 330MB On Your MTN Line

This is the combination of the free 150mb MTN cheat that has been in existence for a long time now and the new 30mb cheat. Here you will be able to combine them and use at least for browsing and chating because definitely, this is not cheat for unlimited downloading and streaming of videos because it is not enough at all. If you need unlimited downloading and streaming, click here for the tweaks. Remember to be visiting wizytechs for latest free browsing cheats

Step By Step Procedure
>> text music to 5900 [150mb for free]
>>text b to 5900[30Mb]
>>text c to 5900[150mb@#15]

How To Configure Your Phone For It
Create new APN on your phone using
NAME--- mtn-ng
Apn type-default
Leave the rest...then save as current setting
Now down to simple server
Listen port : 8080
Proxy host :
Injection line : press enter 3 times
Injection query :
Injection host :
Now to autoproxy

If you are using old version of simple server, you will need to support it with autoproxy or Proxydroid so that it can power all apps on your phone but if you have the latest version of simple Android Server, you don't need to install them. Download latest simple server version 3 here
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