Airtel Followed Suit, Introduces Unlimited Night Data Plan

Still in the euphoria of the  MTN 3gb weekend plan, Airtel introduced a night plan for it users which is targeted at very heavy downloaders who have a lot of file to download life fifa 16 games, PES games, windows 10, series movies, and so on.
Imagine yourself downloading 10gb file with just N500 or even less. That's awesome right? Alright, the night plan is also meant for people that can be awake as at 12am till 5am because it is just like the free midnight call just that browsing in the midnight is much faster than during the day.

But one drawback that will make people think twice about this airtel data subscription is that Airtel network is really really frustrating in many areas thereby making it useless to some people in a particular area with low network. Therefore, I think you should consider the network connectivity in your location and especially 4g, and 3g networks before subscribing because if you do it in a place with no great network signal, you will regret it as the plan is hourly based depending on the one you subscribed to.

This Airtel night plan can be used on any smartphone. Be it Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10 devices, windows phone and PC. So you can see that we are gradually entering the era of cheap data subscription which we didn't have initially. Even if you can't tweak for free browsing, you can choose from any cheap data subscription available like MTN 3GB weekend plan for #300

To subscribe for Airtel unlimited night plan, use below codes...
For 1hour plan, dial *481*1# costs N100
For 3hours plan, dial *481*2# costs N300
For 6hours plan, dial *481*3# costs N500

You can see that this plan is best suited to a place with blazing fast network so that you can make maximum use of the hour allocated to the particular one you subscribed to.


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