How To Use MTN Music Plus Cheat On iPhone, iPad And PC With Open VPN

To all my dear iOS users that has been complaining of free browsing cheat scarcity and how the internet world have demarcated them from enjoying the freebies and tweaks that Android users enjoy in terms of cheap and free browsing have been enjoying, this post is for you. Remember after so many complaints and request to give you guys a way to use Etisalat chat pack on iOS devices, I did it and now I don't want that to be the only source of your cheap browsing that's is why am giving out this Mtn Music plus that is blazing flawlessly on Android operating systems.

After following the settings and procedures here, you will start flexing and downloading unlimited on your iPhone and iPad devices free of charge. MTN music plus is a program (data) brought by MTN to its subscribers to be able to listen and download music at the Mtn site dedicated for the program alone. This means that at default, you cannot use this data to do any other thing like chatting on your Whatsapp, bbm, 2go, Facebook and not even accessing any other website except the music plus site.
But we tweakers deviced a way to force it to open other sites just as it was done with Etisalat chat pack and social me cheats.

So this time around, it is the turn of my dear iPhone users to enjoy just like Android users. There is only 150mb allocated to MTN music plus cheat but you can make it unlimited by sending cancel7d to 5900 immediately you exhauste the 150mb and continue flexing. The most wonderful thing about MTN music plus is that it is absolutely free of charge. This means you don't have to pay any kobo to subscribe to it. It is free of charge. Now imagine yourself browsing free of charge on unlimited data on your iOS device. Sounds great right? Yes this is what Android users has been flexing. It's your turn to join with your iPhone and iPad. Just follow the below steps carefully and say bye bye to expensive data subscriptions.
1. Send music to 5900
2. To check your MTN music plus balance, dial *559*2#

1. First of all if you don't have open VPN on your iOS device, download it here or go to iTunes from your phone and download it.
2. Now download music plus config file for ios
3. Import the file by extracting it to the  .ovpn file  and connect

In case you are required to put username and password,
Username: vpnbook
Password: binbd5ar
But if you are not asked about password and username, just connect and start flexing.
The config file works with any device that supports open VPN so Android phone users can also use it if they wish.

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  1. Thumbs up WizyTechs. Am already addicted to this blog. You too much.

    But pls my Simple server and Psiphon stopped working last night... Help me Wizy

  2. do we use the same in modem for PC browsing?

  3. there are few others vpn providers that you missed over here, in fact pure vpn & express are the top leading vpn provider. Almost all vpn reviews website they are on top so i will suggest pure for more confirmation you may also read from

  4. Hi Wisdom sent d cancel7d immediately and I got d response "you have not subscribed to music plus weekly free plan or has unsubscribed from it wat do I do?

    1. Send MUSIC to 5900 and it will be renewed again