Google Set To Partner With Ford To Produce A Self-Driving Car This Year 2016

I said it that there will be a lot of surprises in the technology world this year. Though there have been self driving cars before now but Google, web base services is now expanding their tentacles even more wider by partnering with automobile giants Ford motors to produce a self driving car this year. Only God knows the features that this sports care will come with.

The two giant companies in two different niche will announce that they are teaming up to manufacture piloted cars during next month’s Consumer Electronics Show, Yahoo Autos reports.

Although this report is not 100% verified yet, but Ford pairing could add a reasonable validity to the report

I believe this is true and may even come to conclusion sooner than later because in November, Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford Jr. said that "the carmaker would need to pair with big tech companies in order to survive the coming series of revolutions facing the transportation industry". This is an indication that they might have already chosen Google for the project as you can see Google logo on the test car.

You can recall that Google partnered with other companies to produce Nexus products and those in mobile forms in the case of mobile phones which brought about Android one. They also partnered with Infinix mobile for the production of first Android one device in Africa which is Infinix Hot 2
This company could become the main brains behind all kinds of self-driving cars in time to come while it leaves the hardware production and design to someone else.

Remember Google is not only about search engine services but they are also  the owner of YouTube, gmail, Google+, Google map, Google doc, blogger, Android operating system, Google drive, to mention but a few.

Is this a welcome development? Is Google going too far? 
Let's hear your opinion.


  1. Wow Amazing Google + iminimous Ford = supernatural car

  2. I really think it will work out after all google maps is out to track the car..... but certainly it will not be sustainable.. the electric car project is still a delusion to the tech industry but its good to try
    CEO @

  3. I think that is the move that will move Google forward! Right Move!

  4. Yea the tracking technology will be at its peak in this car

  5. This has been launched in Japan based on the video that i watched in NHK Japan