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If you fall under this categories of people and you are not yet using Android Creator, then this post is Highly Recommended for you don't mind the lengthy post its helpful.

Bloggers, Web Developers, Commerce brokers, Wen owners, Organizations, Game creators, Coders, Webmaster and Chat lovers 
 with Android creator you can create an app for so much reasons and the good part is you can monetize it fully Using your Adsense account( which will integrate into Ad Mob account. 

HOW TO START >>>  First Download Our App Here   To see what it looks like before you continue
Main ways to make money online are:

Create an online store and sell products.
Another way to make money is creating a web or mobile app with interesting contents, and include advertisements.
Mobile apps is a world in expansion and it allows anyone to create an app and quickly get a high number of daily users and, consequently, earn money from advertising that we put in the app.
You don't need not worry at all to get advertisers to our app. You simply need to register with and/or and these companies will give you a code to put in our app. From that moment our app will begin to show ads of different advertisers. Then Admob/Appnext will pay 
1. Choose a theme for your App: 
lets say for example App about cinema where users could talk to other users about their favorite movies. There could be for example, a chat about film premieres, another about a particular movie, etc.
2. Once you have decided the theme to use, now its time to choose  a name for the app. It must be a short name, about 15 or 20 characters, because it's the one that will be displayed next to the icon of the app once the app is installed on the phone (or tablet).

3. Just the other very important element to decide is the icon of the app. If you don't have any knowledge about design software it's more practical to find an image that is already created and that identifies our app. For example you can use or to find icons.

4. Now its time to create an Account with . This can be done easily from the "Sign up" button which is on home.

5. Once you finish creating your account, and confirming your email, you can now  access to your control panel and, from there, any  choices you may decide to creating the app can be modified later from the control panel, so you shouldn't worry too much if you don't have clear some choices.
6. Now there are several Options available after this level, Since you already know why you are creating the app, freely select options that best fit your taste and ride on

7. You will be asked if we want to put a chat. Is important to answer Yes because a chat in the app will give to it a lot of activity and will allow users to talk to each other You know our generation loves to chat!! an not excluded i love meeting new people. Selecting "Yes", two selection boxes appear. 
>Mark the first only if you want to include a global chat finder, that is, if you mark this option it will allow your users to search and participate in chats created in other apps. 
 >Mark the second box only if you want your  chat to appear in the global chat finder, allow  users of other apps to participate in your chat. Marking this options all  depending of the privacy that you want to give to your chat.
 Just keep following the instructions till last page 

8. Finally, on the last page, you will be  asked if you want to create a section in the app with our text and images. If we want to create it select "Yes" and enter desired info.

Making Money With Your App 

There are two simple ways to make money with you created App.

To make money with your app you place ads on it. There is another way to make money that consists in establish a price to download the app but this is certainly a difficult way to make money because very few users are ready to pay to download an app that doesn't know.
Therefore at tis point in time you need to  focus on making Hot Cash by placing ads in the app.
It's really easy to put ads on your app and make money with it.  Of course App users will vary from different population size  but with Android Creator there is no limitation to making money.

 Now to begin simply create an account with and/or Once account is created, in the Admob and/or Appnext control panel you will be given "ad units" codes. You will go to the control panel and will put these codes in the "Ads" section of the app. After a few minutes there  app will begin to show ads and Admob and/or Appnext will pay us based on ads performance.  After Signing Up, providing all necessary requirements, got to control panel, go to the "Monetize" tab and click the "Monetize new app" button. 
1. First you will be asked which app you want to monetize. You must select the option to Manually add the app, put the name of the app and select the Android platform.
In the 
2. second step you  have to select "Banner" and leave all the default options as they appear. Only that you have to enter a name for the banner (Eg " 1"). Then click the "Save" button.
When you save, banner code (Ad unit ID) will appear. 
Now copy this code and paste in "Ads" section in control panel. In "Ads" section we have to put it below of "BANNER ads" in the field "Admob Ad unit ID".  You will see a space to paste the Banner Code, The go and Generate the Interstitial1" Add by naming it and generating its on code head back to Android Creator and paste it in the space provided.

Adsense: If you already have a functioning Adsense, Account, this part is just a walk away it ill not take you more than 5 minutes to link up everything just accept all conditions and your account will be synchronized as your earnings all apper in your adsens Non the less you can still monitor your ads performance from the AdMob dashboard bookmark this page if you have a laptop or PC of your own Be wise!!

For Appnext, unlike Admob, rather than pay per click, it pays for installing apps that it promotes. Admob contains very different ads types and products, instead, Appnext only announces apps for Android and you will be paid for each installation your users make of these apps.
This doesn't mean it's better or worse than Admob, it's just different and it turns it into a nice complement to monetize your app.
Step 1: Sign up in an email will be sent to confirm your registration go and click the link that is sent to you.
>After, inside the Appnext control panel you have to go to  Apps  section select Add app  button.  
> Select "Android" platform , check the box "My app and click Next
>On next page Put in "App name" field the name of your app   No need to put an icon so Just 
> Click  "Next" to continue.
> in the next page  select 3 categories related to the app. (Education, Fashion, Games etc.).
> Next page where it says "Note from the Publisher" no need to put anything. you can press "Next" to finish. 
>Next Step is putting our code (Placement ID) will appear and you should copy it and paste in the "Ads" section. as we did for the AdMob Account
> Go to the "Ads" section of our AndroidCreator control panel and paste the code in the two "Appnext placement ID" fields. If you want to have a different code for BANNER ads and INTERSTITIAL ads then we have to repeat the above process to create a new code.
> Finally Click "Save" button and from that moment Appnext ads will appear in your app.
If you put the Admob and Appnext codes, these will be alternated in your app.

If you desire to Upload your App into Google App Store, this will cost you  $25 but it's a one time payment for life and you can publish as many apps as you want. READ MORE

To Maintain your App,  READ MORE

We finally draw a conclusion to this tutorial we have linked you up to relevant pages to read full details. What are you waiting for Create you app and Get you goals accomplished, Make Money and feel happy like a Tech Geek or a Computer Programmer    


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