Ntel/Mtel Set To Create 4,000 Jobs As They Commence Operation March 2016 In Nigeria

The good news is not just about the 4,000 job opportunities that will be created by NATCOM but the network company will provide 4G LTE service to Nigerians as soon as they start work fully by March this year according to punch news.
NATCOM is the new pioneer of ntel and have since Novermber, 2015, promised to commence work with 4G LTE service this year.

We anxiously need more competitors to come and compete with the likes of MTN Etisalat Airtel and Glo as they have taken us as prisoners especially MTN. Services are bad and they charge with useless service SMS from rubbish numbers. I hope Ntel do their business well.

The month of March is already here with us. The question now is do you have a phone with 4g LTE network support? We are gradually moving into the era of 4g and leaving 2g and 3g behind.


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