Top 10 Amazing Facts About Wikipedia That You Might Not Know

Wikipedia is one of the world's largest base for online article stores. It was my favorite website while I was in school and even now as most of my research queries landed on wikipedia site and I was more than satisfied with the huge amount of information on the site. The site celebrated her 15 years this week and I will show you some important facts about wikipedia that you might not be aware of.

1. Wikipedia  have about 450 million readers, meaning there are about 38 users to every article on the website

2. The contents on the site is subject to the US state’s laws because the servers for Wikipedia are hosted in Florida.

3. Another amazing fact is that the website has over 38 million articles in 289 different languages of the world

4. The website have over 115,000 active editors and more than 27,000,000 listed editors

5. The word “wiki” is the Hawain word for “quick or fast” but now the definition has changed to “a web application that allows anyone visiting a website to edit content on it.

6. There are more than 1 billion edits on recorded on wikipedia and still counting

7. Do you know that 50 percent of the website’s traffic comes from Google, the number one search engine in the world.

8. The website receives about 2.03 million page views o daily bases and Approximately 684 million page views are documented every year

9. According to a researches, it would take approximately 16 years for someone to read the entire Wikipedia content. Imagine.

10. The most edited page on this site ever belongs to George W. Bush, the former American president.

If you are an internet user and haven't visited or come across wikipedia before, you are a learner.