5 Electronic Gadgets You Can Get As A Lovers Day Gift For Your Loved Ones On Feb.14

We are counting down to Saint Valentine's day which is popularly known as lovers day all over the world but the fact is that more than 40% of people that celebrates lovers day don't really know what it is all about.

Anyway, this is the time of the year that relationships breaks down especially those ones built on financial foundation instead of true love. Guys are now hiding from their babes and giving one excuse or the other while the ladies are just pestering any man in their sight at the moment... Lolz na joke o.

But the truth is that, lovers day celebration is not just about boy-girl friendship but a general agape love to your fellow human beings especially the needy and less privileged around you.

Well, I will show you some beautiful electronic devices you can get for your loved ones and put a smile on their face this February.

1. Smartwatch

Smartwatch is one of the new and trending electronic inventions that will take over the entire world soon. I see it displacing the normal wrist watches we use. Smartwatches have almost all the features on a smartphone as you can make calls, send messages, brows the internet, play music, send music to others and lots more. All this are done right there from your wrist. Isn't it beautiful? (Both male and female will welcome this gift with a big smile)


Have you been to a seminar and what they use to display information is a projector? It's nice right? Normally projectors are mostly use with laptops to shoot out images on a much wider and elaborate platform so that someone afar can see what is been shown.
But this time around, there is a very portable projector that is connected through your phone HDML port. Once connected, you can broadcast your phone screen to be much wider with great viewing point. (The guys will like to have this gift from their babes) it can also be given to your pastor, Reverend Father, etc

3. A Tablet

Tablet is another cute gift that both guys and babes including the grandma and grandpa will happily accept as valentines day gifts. There are different brands, size and color.

4. Video Games

This might look funny but the real truth is that a large percentage of guys like playing video games at their leisure time. You will be surprised at the look in his face when you get him a nice PS4 game.

5. Internet Modem

No one will reject or devalue modem as a lovers day gift. Let's think out of the box and change the common gifts that we usually receive every February 14. Internet is the trending thing at the moment and an internet modem keeps you connected. It can serve a whole family.

These are the top five electronic gadgets you can get for your loved ones on lovers day to surprise them when others are giving frames, flowers, clothes etc. Just think about it and make it look new for them.

You can feel free to adds yours below.


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