GUEST POST: Best Way To Get Your Blogger And Wordpress URL Indexed And Appear In Search Engines Under 2Hrs

This post is written by Max, the editor in chief and founder of One of the fastest growing top tech blogs in Africa. Relax and read.


Are you a Blogger? And you are tired off Poo Traffic? This is the super Magic i found on how to get all your Pagest index on search engines in less than Two hours. I was frustrated when Google refused to index my pages in Good time. Google only Indexed 150 urls of over 195 so i went researching on Hpw to fix this and i discobvered that you will be doing yourself Damage if you still use the old style of Sitemap. Search Engines will not index your pages or they may not do so on time. 


Use Just One Sitemap On your Google Search Console Formerly called Google Webmaster Tool 
Use this Default Site Map

Now the Above is Our Blog Site Map 
The Trick here is that Add your Url Like this or http://www.myblog.blogspot or Followed by a Forward Slash like this /sitemap.xml
 The Above allows all your Pages Indexed without Limits See Screen Shot Bellow

Should In Case Google and Other Search Engines Changes Startegy be sure to Get updates on this Page 

Written by Max of  and published by Wizy of WizyTechs

I hope this article helps


  1. But it seem this post is only meant for subdomain blog...what about us that we use .com domain i.e non hosted like wordpress

    1. Ypu can use this method with any domain extension