Can't Still Root Your Android 5.1 Lollipop Device Without PC? Come In Here

Rooting is absolutely the first thing you will do on your phone whenever you get a new device as long as you are a tweaker or aspiring tweaker because it's the gateway to your unlimited tweaking and customization though it has its negative effects like voiding your phone warranty and the possibility of rendering your phone useless as a result of soft bricking or even the worst which is hard brick.

However, the benefits and advantages you get from a rooted phone, tablet or a jail-broken iOS device cannot be overemphasized but ever since the introduction of Android 5.1 aka Lollipop operating system, many users have found it very very difficult to root their Android 5.1 device without the use of SP Flashtool on PC and ported TWRP which can be seen as complicating and tedious for newbies in the game.

Recently, the latest update on Kingroot version 4.8.0 was made and it was absolutely a relief for numerous Android Lollipop users as the version is packed with with a fix to successfully root all Android 5.1 devices but some people are still finding it difficult to root theirs successfully with the latest Kingroot Android application. So that is the reason why I am here to tell you the cause and give you support plus guidelines on how to successfully give your Android one device a SuperUser access by rooting it today.


==> You set a background limit for your data (background data restrictions)

==> You are not connected to the internet

==> You are trying to root it with VPN internet data (Psiphon, Simple Android Server, Tweakware, Syphonshield, Netify, etc)

1. Remove your phone background restrictions by navigating to Settings>Data Usage>Options>Restrict app background data

2. You cannot root your phone with Kingroot without being connected to the internet.

3. Most times, the MB from your VPN free browsing cannot root your phone. Just recharge your MTN or Etisalat line and you will be given 10 or 15mb. It will be enough to root your device.

With the above, your phone should be rooted successfully Without kwam! Feel free to tell us if this solved your problem using the comment box below.


  1. Waw!!!!! Four months I been finding it difficult to root my tecno c8 but couple weeks i downloaded kingroot and it perfectly root my c8.c8 user what are you waiting for kindly root ur device with kingroot latest version.. So thanks you wizytech

  2. I can't still root my recno C8. IRS telling me root access unavailable even when I'm using the normal MB

    1. You can now root it with latest version of Kingroot. Click HERE

  3. follow the above steps it works because I just root my camon c8 now! thanks boss but my question is how can we unroot it incase of OTA?

  4. it works thanks BosS! but how can I unroot my camon c8 incase of OTA

  5. bros! pls I'll appreciate if u can give me tutorial on it.. I no wan lose my phone now **sobs##

    1. To unroot your phone, Download latest version of Kingroot here

      Launch it!

      Under the settings page, tap on Root Authorization setting > Remove Root Permission > tap on Continue.

      A notification will pop up to tell you that the root access has been removed.

  6. I can't root my xolo era x running on 5.1 android i tried most ways but I couldn't pls help