How To Extend MTN BBLITED To 3 Days

A loyal follower of this blog by name Qoyyum sent this to me and I feel like sharing it with you guys. MTN BIS on iOS devices and Android have really saved a lot of people from outrageous data subscriptions that made people run away from Android devices when Android operating system initially came out. But the availability of tweaking and customization has changed the whole matter and everyone is just flexing and browsing without minding about data usage.

I can remember vividly some 6 years ago when I had to switch of my data anytime am not browsing with my phone in other to save the MB I subscribed for but now I can remember the last time I switched off my data connection in fear of exhausting it. Though MTN 0.00 free browsing trick is still working and a lot of people have migrated to that because it is totally free with unlimited internet access but few are still rocking MTN BBLITED on Android and iOS devices.

Usually, MTN BBLITED costs N70 and its valid for 24 hours (one day) but with the trick a reader of this blog sent to me, you can extend it to 3 days. Remember the MTN BBLITED is capped at 5gb so you have 5gb to use in 3 days. Though I haven't tested it yet (forgive me) I think you should just give it a try and tell us if it worked for you.
Even without this trick, sometimes I use my daily MTN BBLITED for two days.

Below is the message he sent to the group
"Mtn Bis of 100naira offers 3
days of unlimited browsing.
This is an opportunity for Mtn
BbLite subscribers who pay
70naira for 1day browsing to
increase the validity period to
3days for just 30naira extra
(100naira). And offcourse,
these plans works on android
with the use of psiphon.
For existing Bblite users, you
don't need to edit any
settings, just dial *216*4*1#
and start flexing."

Please if it works for you, lets know by dropping your comments on the comment box below.


  1. Hello admin... I need your help... Open vpn settings for mtn 0.00 cheat

  2. Hello admin... I need your help... Open vpn settings for mtn 0.00 cheat

  3. it did not work,its a daily 24hrs bbmid plan,i tried it myself,dont ever think of trying it.