Download Opera Max VPN To Bypass Speed Throttling And Compress Videos

Many of you have complained of speed throttling especially when downloading or Streaming videos with Etisalat socialme cheat. Well, the good news is that, you can now bypass Etisalat socialme speed throttling with this Opera Max VPN browser. It is not just useful to Etisalat alone but all networks and even WiFi whenever you are connected to a WiFi. We all know of opera mini browser which is one of the most favorite web browsers for phone users across all devices mainly because of the smart data saving and compression features integrated on it.

The same data compression and saving features is integrated in this opera max VPN app but in this case, it compresses data anytime you are streaming video on YouTube, Netflix, Mobdro or any other video streaming app or site. Thereby helping in giving you an unbelievable and smooth video streaming and saving your data.

Opera Max is completely a free VPN application which helps Android users to compress, manage and save data (MB) while watching online videos, music and browsing through large pictures via mobile and WiFi connectivity.

You can extend your data plan and the way your phone data is zapped with Opera Max vpn and give yourself a total control over which app that eat up your MB without your permission. This useful app can be used to save up to 50% of data on your phone whether you are using 3G, 4G LTE or even on WiFi network connection

==> It Saves a reasonable amount of your data (MB) by compressing photos, videos and other large files you meet on the web in your best applications and websites via mobile and Wi-Fi networks connectivity. And this is achieved without a clear noticeable loss in video and sound qualities. Great!!!
With this, you can comfortably watch videos on Netflix, YouTube, mobdro, tubemate and so on without a big loss in quality and with a less data consumption unlike when you aren't using opera max

==> It is one of the best battery saving apps as it blocks unwanted apps that draines your phone battery at the background.

==> It Saves your MB from apps that are normally eating from it when you are not using the apps by allowing you to block any applications running in your phone background without your consent.

==> This app also works as your Wi-Fi manager, for complete control of what your apps behavior when connected to a WiFi network.

==> All your apps internet usage are monitored and controlled to save more data for you.

Download Opera Max VPN apk here

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Happy Streaming!!!


  1. I hope it helps buh please how does it bypass the speed throttling

    1. It blocks apps consuming data in the background thereby increasing the available ones for ur browser

  2. should i just on it or is there a setting for it

    1. It works without settings but setting it is necessary to direct it monitor some apps and the frequency and strength of performance

  3. Pls i need settings for etisalat social me

  4. Oga wizy how do i use opra max with tweakware

  5. Pls how do I add u up on what's app

  6. Pls oga help, i have downloaded operamax but I cant connect to anything. Pls any clue to that?

  7. I have at&t cable and use a VPN and I don't see any speed difference when I run a speed check with it off. Right now I am getting 21,855 kbps line speed and 2,732 KB/s download speed and I am on the cheap and cheerful plan. I know a guy over at Optus who works with fixed broadband and he was pretty adamant that they don't throttle VPN traffic, unless you go over your quota of course. The most annoying thing is that I actually have a local Netflix account and I have to turn off the VPN in order to watch. Read other at&t users complaining about throttling in this bypass throttling blog.