Xiaomi And Meizu Smartphones Are Now Available In The United States

Normally, The United States of America is not known for using Asian (China) phones products like the way it is used in Nigeria and other African countries. As far as USA is concerned, what's sales most is iPhones, Samsung, LG and Windows phone but it looks as they are now spreading welcome hands to Chinese phones.

A well known U.S based mobile carrier by name US Mobile has become the pioneer phone company in North America to sale both Meizu and Xiaomi smartphones to people of America.

The company is offering the Meizu M2 Note, Xiaomi Redmi 2, Mi3 and the wonderful Mi4i in the North American phone market with the below prices from $120 – $220. They use the well known famous T-Mobile’s towers in the US for there LTE network coverage.

According to the statement by the carrier, it hopes to build a bosom relationship with Xiaomi and Meizu to provide more phones for US based people in the future. Their latest subscription structure options includes a $9 per month option at 100 minutes, and 100 texts messages plus 100mb data going up to a $59 subscription with a 5GB of LTE data.

Honestly, China is doing great and must be praised for their technological breakthrough in the world.


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