Infinix Hot Note On Android 5.1 Cannot Boot To Recovery Mode Without PC

I just noticed that Infinix-X551 AKA hot note can't boot into recovery mode without a PC because of the new Android 5.1 operating system which uses XUI ROM.

Before now, I have rooted and installed many customs on many Infinix hot note phones that runs on Android 4.4 KitKat version without consulting my PC. It's just straight from the phone.

The new operating system and XUI ROM is cool with some special security features which includes anti-theft feature that automatically locks your phone and send a signal to the phone number you used for the security settings. The XUI ROM is also fast and smooth to operate but it is not a 100% friendly ROM for hardcore tweakers who likes to completely tweak and customize their phone beyond the official and default appearance of the phone. I belong to this category of tweakers because I enjoy tweaking and customization a lot. In fact, am adventurous and always want to find or create new things.

Anyway, those that are still having problem in rooting their Infinix Hot Note (Infinix-X551) without the use of PC, see this post on rooting Android 5.1 lollipop devices. With that, you can easily root your phone without a PC but as for booting into recovery mode and installing custom ROMs, I have tried everything possible after flashing recovery image of Infinix Hot Note X551 but couldn't still boot into recovery by pressing power button and vol+ buttons.

This is because of the anti-theft security feature on the XUI ROM for Android 5.1. It is so to protect the phone from being switched on when it is stollen unless the person uses a PC. So to install custom ROMs or boot into recovery on this version of Infinix Hot Note, you will need a laptop.

It is not very cool for gurus and tweakers in the sense that you have to work extra mile to achieve what you would normally do in few minutes.

Are you using Infinix hot note... The XUI ROM variant? Are you having this same issues? I have tested it on three different devices and also confirmed from one of the ardent follower and admin on this blog by name Bobbyyari

Let's get your own experience on the comment box.


  1. I can actually boot mine into recovery it's easy. First press and hold the volume up button before the power button. Then you will see this danger sign, repeat the process again buh without holding just press

    1. Ok
      Yes you can boot to stock recovery mode but I want to know if yours was on stock mode.

      Did you flash recovery image before booting into recovery mode?

      Are u able to do a CWM backup?

    2. Ok i get it. Yea i was able to boot into stock recovery mode like i said earlier, but i still need to flash a custom recovery using sp flash tool in other to root my phone.

      So yes i did flash a custom recovery image and able to do a cwm backup, buh i don't use cwm i used twrp

  2. Hi.
    could you tell me how it is possible to boot into recovery using a pc?
    I tried flashing twrp it says success but it still doesn't work.
    Is there a method to boot into recovery using pc that I do not know of?
    Please tell me
    Thanks alot

    1. When your phone is connected to MTK droid tool of sp Flashtool tool on your system just hold the power button and volume up button on your phone simultaneously for about 6 seconds and you should be in the recovery mode.

      However if you want to boot into stock recovery, hold power and volume down keys simultaneously for 6 seconds

  3. It's like you automatically know what everyone need. I was able to flash the new xui rom using a PC. It was successful as well as the rooting with king root. How do I trick this to also flash a recovery and use it?