Online Transaction More Secured Now As MasterCard Introduces Fingerprints And Selfie ID Authentication

This is one of the trending news and innovation at the ongoing Mobile World Congress tech show in Barcelona, Spain. (MWC 2016). As Mastercard announced the use of selfie and fingerprint as an alternative to password verification. There has been lot of new things introduced in the tech world including launching and unveiling of new Smartphones at the MWC 2016 event.

Among these new innovations in the tech and mobile world is the introduction of selfie and fingerprint verification method while making online transactions with your PC or mobile devices via your MasterCard.
This is necessary to curb and reduce scamming and theft of identify at the nearest minimum.

Before, what we were use to was the usual password verification method but it seems, it can be Hijacked by haaaa...ckers to deal with the innocent owner of the card. This means we will be waving goodbye to the old fashioned password method as we are set to be using our live pictures and fingerprint for verification

According to Mastercard, the rollout this summer would involve the UK, US, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

Users will be required to install an application/software on their Phone, Tablet or PC depending on the one you are using. In the process of making online transactions, you will provide all the credit card details required and if another Authentication check is required, then you will face your phone camera or make use of the fingerprint sensor if your device supports it instead of typing password.

To make it even more secured and avoid people from tricking the server by placing a photograph at the camera pretending its their face, you will have to blink your eye while facing the camera to prove to the server that you are not just holding up a stationary photo (maybe another person's photo)

More about this at BBC

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  1. Thanks for this informative article but lemme ask if this has finally been implemented.