Checkout These WhatsApp Wikibot Numbers And Their Functions. Must Read

Recently, some Indian programmers launched WhatsApp Wikibot which makes your WhatsApp work as a search engine and wikipedia. This innovation is cool and has been interesting and fun for me. In fact it is the easiest way to search for information online without opening your opera mini or UC browser.

With Wikibot, you can get any information you need on the internet right there from your WhatsApp application and that means you don't have to spend much on data because WhatsApp Charges too low when it comes to data consumption.

When Wikibot was introduced some months ago, it was only suitable for football fans because there was only one bot number available then which was dedicated to football news, gossips, transfers, live scores, reviews, team news, analysis and so on but as time goes on, other numbers were generated which is now suited for people on all classes. That's why am updating you guys with the latest numbers as was sent on my smartphone from the duta team.

With these new numbers, you will be able to get first hand information on anything in the world straight from your WhatsApp.

It is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is to save any of the Wikibot Numbers I will share below on your phone and create a new whatsapp group (personal group) and name it anything. Then add those Wikibot Numbers to the group. After adding, just type "hi" and it will welcome you.
If you want to search something for example, Eden Hazard, just type wiki Eden Hazard and you will see all you need to know about Eden Hazard. The same thing applies to any other name you want to search.
Also if you want to search for WizyTechs, just type wiki WizyTechs and you will see answers about WizyTechs. So that is it. Remember to write "wiki" first before the actual name if the thing you are searching for.
In addition, to know more about that particular stuff you searched, you will be provided with numbers, so type any of the numbers to get even more and more detailed information about that stuff.

Without wasting much time, let me give you the most trending and important Wikibot Numbers for you to add on the group. Remember you are free to invite your friends to that Wikibot WhatsApp group you created also.

Follow Hollywood news, trailers, music and gossip in your group.
Add this number to the group +917401328829

Get all the latest football news around the world, transfer news, club gist, live scores on match days, team line ups on match days, goal scorers, yellow cards and red cards, match commentary, previews and reviews, players stats, rumurs etc
⚽Add this number to the group: +919941136142

If you are the type that likes getting first hand information about what is happening around you and all over the world right there from your WhatsApp, add this number to the group
+91 90434 89071

This one is dedicated to Hollywood news, pics, and gossip right there on your WhatsApp.
Add to your group: +919941227138

This one is fun to use. You can make use of this to learn different languages and also read languages you don't understand. For instance, you saw something written in Chinese language and you can't decode the meaning in English, all you need to do is to copy that Chinese text and paste it on the group and it will ask you to choose the language you want to translate it to. So you just have to choose English. Viam.... It will be translated to English.

Another method to translate is to use the translate/↔️ command. For example:
translate hindi Hello
↔️ french Good morning
translate german नमस्ते

You like it? Add this number +919094847512

Know how today's weather will look like, check for weather conditions on any state, city or country right from your WhatsApp.
Use the weather command. For example:
weather mumbai
weather singapore
weather lagos
add this number to the group: +917299035574

With this number, you will know what's up with the entertainment world as all the news making round in the industry will be at your fingertips. You want to know about the latest on Mercy Johnson? Just type wiki Mercy Johnson
Add this number +1 418 317-0650

I hope this will be very useful to you and save you the stress of consulting google always for your search queries.