Techy Age: See How Kids Now Learn ABCD

Jet age has affected virtually everything around us. Even our behavior has changed to that of technology. All we now think and do each day is traced on one technology or the other to the extent of changing the usual "A" is for Apple to "A" is for ATM. Lol...

Though it's still correct but after reading the below ABCD learning guide, you will definitely find it funny. All the latest tech word are represented with an alphabet.

No wonder kids of nowadays like holding and pressing phone like crazy. Yesterday, I saw a 9 month old kid dragging a handset with her mummy. Hahahaahaha. Immediately her mum released the phone to her, she placed it straight on her ear. Imagine a kid that have not started talking and working. That's the age we are now.

A is for ATM
B is for Bluetooth
C is for Chatting
D is for Download
E is for Email
F is for Facebook
G is for Google
H is for Hotmail

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I is for instagram
J is for Java
K is for Konga
L is for Laptop
M is for Mtn
N is for Nokia
O is for Opera mini
P is for Pixmix
Q is for Quick time
R is for RAM
S is for Skype
T is for Twitter
U is for USB
V is for Vista
W is for WhatsApp
X is for Xender
Y is for Yahoo! and
Z is for Zuma