5 Reasons Why Ladies Block Their 'Last Seen' On Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a popular messaging app owned by Facebook. It has helped to a very large extent in bridging the communication gap among friends and persons who are dating. This said you must have observed that many girls block their last seen on the messaging platform. Have you ever wondered why? Well, i share reasons why ladies block their last seen.


1. To prevent fights

This is perhaps the main reason why girls block their WhatsApp last seen. They want to prevent fights with their boyfriends who have become detectives and make all sorts of assumptions, which are usually incorrect, based on the last seen. Hence, they prefer to block it.

2. She may not be interested in chatting with you

If you are pestering her and she is not interested, she may block her last seen. Perhaps, if you do not know the last time she was online, you will give up and move on. If you continue messaging her, she will not respond.

3. To stop unnecessary questions

Why didn't you respond immediately? I saw you online. So, to prevent this and other types of questions, she prefers to block it. At least, if you do not see it, you won't question her.

4 She does not want you to know the last time she was online

Yes, some girls just do because they do not want you to see the last time they were online.

5. For Security Reasons

Last year, a lady was tracked by the bad gangs through her online status on WhatsApp and she nearly lost her life from the incidents but thanks she is still alive today.

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  1. yea,is to stop unnecessary questions Some Guys ask too Many questions.

  2. This is very funny but at the same time it's an eye opener to some people

  3. Lolz Wizy ylu won't kill me

  4. Not just ladies, men are worst, my reason is that they make use of custom whastaspp like GB, they even go through disabling the double marker /blue ticks feature

  5. Nice update but men does that too

  6. Ahaha thanks for the update bro

  7. I'm going back to the basics and that simply means re activating my whatsapp