Adam Johnson Finally Removed From FIFA 16, PES 2016 And Football Manager 2016.

Football is undoubtedly the best sports in the world. In fact the round leather game is the most watched sports event every week around the globe but there are some players of this game that has caused problem for themselves and family while others have brought dignity, popularity and wealthy from the game.

One of the players that destroyed what they built many years ago is Adam Johnson who is an ex Liverpool football clucb and Sunderland FC player. The winger had an affair with a 15-year-old girl and that has taken everything he has achieved and worked so hard to build.

He has been deleted from the weekly earnings payroll of about £60,000 ($85,000), now Johnson is facing a 5-year jail term and to cap it all, he has been kicked out of the computer football game platforms like FIFA 16, PES 2016 and Football Manager 2016.

Konami, which is the brain behind PES soccer games said he will be axed from online modes and will be removed from PES 2016 entirely as part of this month's (March, 2016) squads update. Other video game platform like Sega, however, has already deleted Adam from Football Manager 2016 as well as EA sports who has already taken the ex-player off the England and Sunderland squads in the game.

This is what pleasure and mistake can cause to a man. Out of all the money and girls that are around, the devil dragged him to a minor 15 year old girl.
Now his career is over. We pray not to fall into this type of temptation.

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  1. I'm touched by what has befallen him.
    May i never fall into this sort of temptation in my lifetime