See Pictures Of How Future BMW Car Will Look Like

Sometimes I seat down and think about how this world would look like in near future. Though most of my thoughts are more centered on electronic gadgets because am addicted to them but just yesterday, I was thinking of how the future cars would look like. I thought about sports cars and all purpose vehicles. What are the features we will see in the next 20 years.

I went online to search for related stuff's on future cars and just like I imagined, BMW have already mapped out the concept of their future car so am here to share few stuffs we are going to see from the amazing BMW car.

The car will have boost mode which is another term as manual driven mode while the ease mode is automatically driven.
Whenever the driver clicks on the “ease mode,” the interior completely transforms its shape and the steering wheel will be taken away from the driver automatically.

Alive Geometry
The new BMW ultra modern car will utilize 800 triangles that will navigate around to communicate and share information directly with the driver. This will make it recognize when the real driver is on the wheels. It can use this feature to track a thief and send signal to the car owner. Reporting the actual location of the car and snaps a picture of the person trying to take the car away.

Absence Of Steering
When you enter ease mode, everything will be computerised. Nothing like manual again including steering. You will only be talking to the car to move to any position you want it to move or you can use the option of pressing buttons as if you are playing a racing game on your phone.

So guys. This is just a glimpse of what we gonna see from this device. I hope Nigerians and those from Singapore will like to flex this car when its actually produced.
In the world of technology, you can't just predict what is next on the cards.


  1. I can't wait for the car!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lemme also start imagining how my life will be in the next future.

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