Cubot H2 Uses 5000mAh Battery, 3GB RAM, 13MP Camera, See Price

Another phone has just been unveiled to join the super league of 3GB RAM Smartphones. As expected, Cubot H2 is a Chinese phone with real 2016 specs as it packs a very strong 5000mAh battery just like Gionee m3.

The camera output and pictures is also amazing with its 13Mega-Pixel lense and rugged body design. The smartphone is designed to balance the usability, performance and price of the device when compared with others. The phablet is a 5.5-inch screen with a 1280 x 720 HD panel, and in terms of the processor, it is powered by a quad-core MT6735A, but while the back camera is 13MP, the front facing camera is 5MP which is great also.

Meanwhile, the price of Cubot H2 is currently $159.99

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  1. At that price plus all the available specs under review, it's a fair bargain