Top 8 Android N Features: Are You Getting Ready For Latest Android 7 OS?

While you are still rejoicing because of the Over The Air update (OTA) that popped up on your current device for Android Marshmallow, you should bear in mind that Google is set to launch latest Android N (7.0) aka "Nutella" operating system come May, 2016.

Though it will sound too quick and soon for many Android users all over the world as Android 6.0 Marshmallow is not yet rampant. In fact some people don't know that there is something like Marshmallow version of Android as am writing this now.

Well, I will show you some of the top features that will come with Android N. According to top officials at Google, the Android 7.0 version will get into some selected Nexus phones first before rolling out on other devices.

1. Support For TV Recording
It has been observed that the traditional television has been always stubborn and proving to to die in the face of sure takeover by known web-based video streaming media services. Hence, Google decided to include TV Recording in the latest Android N Android version.
This makes it possible for developers to be able to allow you to record videos from an input device or source like cable to an application.

2. Apps are made smaller with ICU4J Support
Google included ICU4J Android Framework APIs in Android N which will make apps more smaller. A lot of developers make use of ICU4J which is an open source set library. The codes from thee library is added by the developers to the app making it larger.
So to make the apps appear smaller, Google now give developers the ability to call out to ICU4J libraries via their code instead of having to add them within their codes.
So with this great feature, your device will now have more space to store other stuffs like photos, music and videos.

3. Work Mode Activation
Just like we have to toggle through some settings in other Android versions, settings like the airplane mode, data ON or OFF, profile, etc, in Android N, an update for "Android for work" mode is activated so that you can easily switch between any profile you wish to apply as simple and easy as that.

4. Wallpaper Lockdown
This is a more secured way to use your device and apply changes because a "lockdown wallpaper" is fixed within the place for "Android for work updates" and this will not allow any person that is not the real owner of the phone to change the phones wallpaper because of "Disallowe-set_wallpaper " feature that is present in Android N. I think Android is becoming more secured with any new version update.

5. Direct Reply
Are you bored of having to tap on notification tabs and go to the app in other to reply a message? Now wave bye bye to that as the latest version will allow direct reply to any notification just like it is done on BlackBerry devices. It is like the slack for desktop app.

6. Support for Multi-Window
It's been rumored that Google would finally be activating split-screen functions in new Android devices and I want to tell you that it is 95% true. We will be expecting to run two applications at once in one screen as it is done on PC. Remember there is an Android launcher that is currently doing the same function.

7. Killing Of Chrome OS
We heard that next Android versions will "kill chrome OS" thereby joining the two operating systems as one and chrome will be folded into Android.

It's been rumored that the next version of Android will 'kill' Chrome OS, and that the two operating systems will become one with Chrome folded into Android. Though am not very sure this feature will really apply in this Android N except another version that would probably be Android 8.0

8. Android N System Setting
The recently released Android N pictures from Android police for the Notification settings suggest that they have removed the lines between items that belong to the same category, now they appear between different categories. At the same time, items usually seen on the main list will now show more information below them, for example, the Battery item displaying the battery status.

With all this new features on the card, are you getting ready for Android N? If you are still stocked on Android KitKat, my dear the car is leaving you behind. You need to upgrade and have a feel of what you are missing.

Meanwhile, Android M updates is been roled out for more devices.


  1. I root my infinix note 2 and since then play store, gmail and map has stop working and I have try all I can but to no avail. Pls wizy I need ur help

    1. Hi, which method or app did you use to root it.
      Also, when you open your Playstore, what does it do or display?

    2. I use kingroot, when I open play store it display check connection and try Again, after which I deleted my Google account and it is now display couldn't sign in, try again. My gmail and Google Map too are not working

  2. Bro do you know about vpn ?
    IP address?.

  3. Pls bro, what's the name of the luncher that allows running of two apps at a time?

  4. Please where can I download marshmallow update for gionee M3 please

  5. How time flies, currently running marshmallow on my phone

  6. With all these features being introduced, one might be tempted to throw away his Lollipop device and go for Android Nougat.